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Navigate your business operations with our redesigned dashboard. Whether you're tracking your company's progress or need to manage your settings, everything is just a tap away.

Form a Business.

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey by forming your business entity with Bizee. Choosing the right entity and picking the perfect name is seamless, easy and straightforward.

Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement - A legal document outlining the rights and responsibilities of members in an LLC.

Manage a Business.

Run your business smoothly with Bizee’s top-notch solutions, streamlined tax services, and customized insurance options. We make compliance easy so you can focus on what matters most.

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Grow a Business.

Elevate your business with Bizee’s services. Ensure your visibility, brand identity, and market presence.

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Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement - A legal document outlining the rights, responsibilities, and ownership structure of an LLC.Acme Inc logo, name available in 45 states across the US.A screenshot of a business card app dashboard.

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Our most basic package to get your business launched.


Preparing & filing the Articles of Organization

Access to your online business dashboard

Lifetime compliance alerts

Additional services for free: Registered Agent for 1 Year, Tax Consultation, Business Banking Account, Unlimited Phone and Email Support

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+ State Fee



Standard filling time

Comprehensive features to get your business started.


Everything in Silver, plus:

IRS Form 2553 - to benefit from treating your LLC as an S Corporation for Tax purposes

Operating Agreement - outlined internal structure and operational aspects

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Full service features at the best value.



FAST filling time

Full service features at the best value.


Everything in Gold, plus:

Access to 50+ Exclusive Contract Templates - access to a variety of professionally crafted contract templates, saving time and ensuring legal clarity for your business agreements

Domain Name + Business Email - establish a strong online presence with our domain and email services, giving your business a professional and credible identity

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How does forming an LLC protect my personal assets?

Forming an LLC creates a legal separation between your personal assets and your business liabilities. This means that in the event of business debts or lawsuits,, assets like your home and savings, are generally protected.

How can an LLC improve my business's tax situation?

An LLC offers flexibility in how your business is taxed. You can choose to be taxed as a sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation, potentially leading to significant tax savings depending on your specific circumstances.

Does Bizee offer free assistance in filing for an LLC?

Absolutely! Bizee will handle your LLC state formation paperwork for free—you just cover the state fees. We also include a free year of Registered Agent service to help keep your business compliant with state and federal requirements. Navigating these regulations can be tricky, but you're not alone. We're here to walk you through every step and make sure you feel confident and informed.

Is it easy to maintain an LLC?

Maintaining an LLC involves fulfilling annual requirements such as filing annual reports and renewing licenses. While these tasks require attention to detail, they are generally less burdensome compared to other corporate structures. The filing time is dependent on the governing state agency and varies by state.