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Oklahoma Virtual Office Address

Expanding your business to Oklahoma? Your company could benefit from having a real Oklahoma street address. And with Bizee's mail scanning and Virtual Mailbox service, you can get one in a snap.

Virtual Address phone app

5 Advantages of a Oklahoma Street Address and Virtual Mailbox

Discover the benefits of having a Oklahoma street address with digital mail scanning:

Instant Notifications

Reliably receive important correspondence from the Oklahoma Secretary of State and Oklahoma Tax Commission

Business Credibility

Build a stronger reputation with customers and businesses who opt to work with Oklahoma-based companies

(In)Direct Presence

Establish a legitimate presence in Oklahoma, even if you and your team live thousands of miles away

Online Mailbox

Read all of your Oklahoma mail from anywhere in the world with the help of our mail scanning service and secure web portal

Upgraded Privacy

Never have to give out your personal address to vendors or customers again

Oklahoma Virtual Mailbox FAQs


Can I Use an OK Virtual Address as My Registered Agent Address?

No, it's not recommended. An Oklahoma Registered Agent needs a physical OK street address in order to receive official, legal correspondence. If you need a Registered Agent in Oklahoma, our Registered Agent service is available in the state.


In What States Do You Provide a Virtual Mailbox Service?

Bizee offers its Virtual Address and scanning service in all states except for Oregon and Arkansas.


What Are the Limitations of a Virtual Mailbox Service?

Using a Virtual Mailbox service means you can't pick up your physical mail and the service can't receive packages on your behalf. All mail is scanned and viewable online only.