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What Business Can I Start with $100 in 2023?

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    Passionate about becoming an entrepreneur but feel you need a truckload of savings to start? We get it — funding is a legitimate concern. Luckily, today’s tools and technology have not only made setting up and running a business easier but also a lot more affordable. 

    Here are a few of the top business ideas that require just $100 (or less) to start. You read that right. Just one crisp $100 bill is enough to launch your entrepreneurship journey. 

    Don’t believe us? Let’s explore some of the best low-investment businesses for 2023 and find out how to start a business with $100.

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    How Can I Start a Business with $100? 

    Business opportunities come in all different sizes, and not all require a hefty bank balance. If you're confused about what businesses are lucrative in 2023, we’ve made a list of some easy-to-implement and affordable ideas. The best part: These business ideas are home-based and leverage your interests and existing skill sets.

    We'll dive into each option, but here's a quick glimpse:

    $100 Startups for 2023 

    At-Home Senior Caregiver (Non-Medical)

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of older adults in the nation will overtake the number of children by 2034. As the population continues to go increasingly gray, their needs will increase as well.


    If you’re looking for a low-cost idea, consider becoming an at-home senior caregiver. This in-demand and non-medical role is relatively easy to turn into a manageable business. Also, a typical non-medical home care provider earns around $27 an hour, so you could make up to $50,000 per year or more, depending on how you charge for your services.

    Services can include doing housework, accompanying seniors to doctor appointments, or providing concierge services like personal shopping and dropping off/picking up dry cleaning. Market your services via a website, social media platform, or even using physical brochures at doctors’ offices. Remember your target market will include not only your prospective clients, but also their adult children.

    One thing to pay attention to is licensing and permits, as some states might require certification for offering personal care. Here’s a full list of requirements by state.

    Before getting started, make sure to research your business name and make sure it's available in your state. Use our Business Name Search Tool for guidance:

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    Swara Ahluwalia

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