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Are You a Beginner LLC Owner? Don't Miss Out on These Top Resources.

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    Forming your business is only the first chapter, but it's probably one of the most important in your business journey. To thrive, you’ll need the right tools at your disposal as a small business owner who is strapped for time. Tax season, a fluctuating economy, insurance, state compliance...there are so many things that can become a lot if they're not tackled at the right time. So, we’ve compiled a list of LLC resources to ensure your business is in good health and state compliance. 

    Top Tools and Resources for First-Time LLC Owners

    Check out these tools, assets, and resources…

    Top Small Business Resources for LLCs

    As a new LLC owner, you want to ease into this transition and get a running start toward success. Here are our top recommendations in terms of books, podcasts, and more:

    1. Bizee Blog: LLC, Taxes, and Compliance - You'll find every single piece of information at your fingertips, from forming and owning an LLC to taxes and accounting and keeping your LLC state compliant. If you haven't yet, subscribe to our newsletter and get monthly small business updates straight into your inbox. 

    2. Small Business Association - If you're looking for the latest information on small business loans as per the economic situation and more ins and outs of owning a small business, then SBA is the right place to get started. 

    3. IRS Credits and Deductions - Everything about what you can and cannot claim as a small business when it's time to file your taxes is best to hear straight from the IRS. Explore credits and deductions as an individual or a small business, and keep up-to-date with everything you need. 

    Let's further break down resources pertaining to different areas of your small business. Take a look. 

    Financial Resources

    The last few years have been tough for many small businesses. Whether your new business felt the impact or not, you want to be prepared for what’s ahead. That could mean getting insured if your small business is not already or applying for the loan you need during testing times.

    NerdWallet's business loan calculator is designed for small businesses to understand accurate loan requirements.

    Lendio is another small business loan calculator that offers plenty of suggestions on the best startup and small business funding options.

    One of the biggest challenges small business owners face today is keeping up with accounting and taxes. Even though there are a ton of free accounting resources available for small businesses, taxes just don't get any easier, do they?

    Bizee's free one-hour tax consultation can listen to all your worries and lead you right on the path of stress-free bookkeeping. There's no commitment to subscribe to Bizee's Accounting service. But in case you've been shopping, you can subscribe here. There are some things you just don't DIY!

    All the Business Tools & Resources You Need to Power Your Next Bright Idea - in Just One Click

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    Patents and Trademark Resources

    As an LLC, you need to get down to the important business of protecting your business, including your business name. When you form an LLC, your business name is not automatically stamped with a trademark, and it's one of the common mistakes many small business owners make. A trademark creates a legal shield around your name, so it can't be used by other businesses.

    Refer to Bizee's Trademark Registration service, which offers a super simple process and ensures your business name is legally protected. As part of the service, you get a counseling session from an experienced trademark attorney and full support with filing for the trademark itself. Apart from the trademark service, Bizee also has a library of trademark resources for your ongoing business needs. 

    If you're more of a DIY business owner, then we'd recommend the official U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to search for all kinds of trademark services and special USPTO events. Check out USPTO's trademark resource center to make sure you're never missing even the tiniest of detail. 

    LLC Protection Resources

    If "How much does insurance for my LLC cost?" has been on your mind for a while, then you need to check out Bizee's small business insurance resources. Keeping your LLC, employees, customers, and products safe can save you money — and it could even save your business. But you have to know which is the right liability insurance for you.

    Through our partnership with CoverWallet, we can offer you free advice on choosing business insurance for your LLC and get you a free quote once you understand the type of policy you need.

    Small Business Marketing Resources

    It's never been easier and harder at the same time to be found by your ideal customers in the giant space of the internet. Thankfully, we have the Google My Business platform, which makes it super easy for small businesses to be found. The platform works by putting your business in main directories, including local, and making sure you're found, well, on Google. With a free profile, you can get started as quickly as right this second. 

    And if you'd rather an expert help you and put your business on the frontlines for you, then Bizee's Google My Business service is what you need. Bizee makes sure you're found where you need to and your business information is accurate and up to date with top business directories. 

    Next up is social media — key to businesses and brands of any size. If your business is new to this, explore Facebook's Boost My Business, an original series on their Watch streaming platform. The series follows real small businesses as they work to adapt and grow their companies online and with the help of social media. You’ll get to learn real-world tips and tricks you can implement in your own business firsthand. 

    Finally, HubSpot’s social media templates and email writing templates offer everything you need to begin. These easy-to-use templates will give you the tools to build and implement a marketing strategy your business loves.

    As a new LLC owner, you have the drive and enthusiasm to grow your business to great heights. But if you want to be ready for chapter two of your entrepreneurship story (and all the chapters to come), these tools will help you get there. Don’t forget, Bizee also offers a comprehensive lineup of tools and resources that can keep your business growing well beyond formation.


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