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The Top 20 Resources for Digital Nomad By Digital Nomads

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    Digital nomad life is definitely a rising workforce trend. According to MBO Partners, there are 4.8 million independent workers who call themselves digital nomads. And 17 million desire to one day be a digital nomad.

    The idea of packing your bags, traveling the country or the world and scaling your business can be enticing. But while the working nomad life may seem very adventurous and freeing, it is not without its challenges, such as poor Wi-Fi, lack of financial stability and living and working in isolation. Getting prepared for these ups and downs is often done best by getting advice from fellow digital nomads.

    There are plenty of great resources for digital nomads created by digital nomads that should be your top on-the-go resources. Here are 20 digital nomads who write about the digital nomad life to get you prepared for your next big adventure. Read on for their tips and advice about living as a working nomad.

    Our Favorite Digital Nomad Blogs & Websites

    1. Explorista: The blog’s founder, Milou, is the creator of the largest female digital nomad movement in the world on Facebook — Female Digital Nomads. Her mission is to help women create location independent lives and careers. On her blog, you'll find overviews of every country she's visited (38 and counting), along with articles on budgeting, traveling and growing your business.
    2. The Lifestyle Hunter: Former strategy consultant Pilar Noriega encourages people to develop their careers with international experiences. She covers topics on her website about volunteering, starting your own business, studying abroad and traveling with the aid of scholarships.
    3. The Blonde Abroad: According to the website, "The Blonde Abroad is the go-to website for solo and female travel around the world." The founder, Kiki, has grown the website into over 1 million email subscribers and half a million Instagram followers. Her site is not only esthetically pleasing but also incredibly informative about various types of trips — from solo travel to eco travel.
    4. Become Nomad: This blog and podcast provides insights and resources for nomads who are already on the road. They also offer inspiration to those who are considering a long-term nomadic lifestyle.

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  • The Broke Backpacker: The Broke Backpacker’s website touts that they are "the ultimate resource on budget travel — filled to bursting with tips, tricks, and hacks for exploring this magical world on just $10 a day." The blog, created by Will Hatton, provides resources on where to travel, how to travel on a budget and reviews on travel gear.
  • Adventure In You: Digital nomads Tom and Anna are adventure-seeking full-time travel bloggers. Their blog provides destination advice, travel tips, travel guides and even travel blogging advice to help digital nomads create their own blogging business.
  • Justyn Jen: Justyn created her blog to inspire and teach others about traveling full time. She has traveled the world for over three years and desires to help others make travel and blogging their business. Her website is full of great resources for starting a blog and utilizing social media, as well as blog posts about her travels.
  • The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Natalie Sisson is a New Zealand-based entrepreneur and traveler. She’s also a bestselling author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur and a sought-after speaker. Her website can teach you how to run a business from anywhere, allowing you to pack your suitcase and go on an adventure while still operating your business.
  • The Blog Abroad: Glo Atanmo’s goal is to "inspire others through my journey of being a solo female traveler, pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and creating the life of my dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle." Her blogs have a witty and humorous style that will keep you entertained while you read about her life and travel adventures.
  • Digital Nomad Girls: Jenny, a former Ph.D. chemist, started a popular Facebook group, blog and community that brings together women who want to adventure and live the nomadic lifestyle. This community can help you find potential jobs, provide you with inspiration and even offers a digital nomad course.
  • Nomadic Matt: On this website, you’ll find tested travel tips from years of experience (over 100 countries and territories), interviews with other travel experts, a community of supportive travelers, detailed cost breakdowns for better trip budgeting and travel resource recommendations for everything from the best travel insurance to the best travel credit cards.
  • Hippie in Heels: Rachel Jones is an American who left her career in nursing to live on the beaches of Goa. Topics on her blog range from glamorous globetrotting to booking cheap flights and hotels while traveling abroad.
  • Digital Nomad Soul: Digital Nomad Soul is chock-full of useful information and resources for digital nomads. The website has various training guides, ebooks, webinars and content on passive income and remote work. It also offers a couple of ebooks that serve as an "insider's guide" to certain travel destinations.
  • Legal Nomads: Legal Nomads was created by Jodi Ettenberg, a former lawyer who decided to travel the world for a year before going back to her job, which she never ended up doing. One unique topic she writes about is gluten-free travel. Her blog covers how to eat safely as a celiac anywhere in the world, along with articles about getting started and surviving as a digital nomad.
  • Digital Nomad Wannabe: Sharon Gourlay has visited over 90 countries as a digital nomad. Her online business enabled her and her family to be able to travel while earning an income. She shares her tips on how to make money online by providing training, books and a podcast.
  • Nomadic Capitalist: This blog, founded by Andrew Henderson, "offers holistic, legal strategies to successful entrepreneurs and investors to reduce their tax bill, grow wealth overseas, and become global citizens." His blog is a very smart and professional read if you are interested in finances and growing your personal wealth while overseas.
  • Never Ending Voyage: Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney sold everything they owned in 2010 to travel the world. Their website provides travel guides, travel resources and blog posts featuring packing lists, product reviews and details of their travels.
  • A Globe Well Travelled: Ashlea is an Australian travel blogger who focuses on the benefits of responsible and sustainable world travel. Her blog will help you plan to move abroad, save money and live a minimalist lifestyle.
  • Screw The Nine To Five: Jill and Josh Stanton have over 30 online businesses that allow them to travel and live overseas. They desire to help others quit their jobs and find freedom with a remote business. Through their blog, podcast and bootcamp course, they share their tips for becoming an entrepreneur and digital nomad.
  • Expert Vagabond: Matt Karsten has been a travel blogger and digital nomad for over 10 years. On his site, he shares budgeting tips, travel photographs, advice on earning extra income and stories of his travels to different countries.
  • Bizee is also here to help you with starting a digital nomad journey. We can help you start an LLC for your business before you take off, learn how to manage your money as a digital nomad, handle your finances and taxes for your remote business and even come up with some business ideas you can do while you travel the world. Good luck and bon voyage!

    Lisa Crocco

    Lisa Crocco

    Lisa Crocco is a marketer for an international food manufacturer by day and a freelance writer/marketer for startups and small businesses by night. She's written for outlets like USA Today College, Career Contessa, CloudPeeps and Fairygodboss.


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