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Employee behaviors to watch for during holiday season

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The end of the year is a pivotal time for small business owners to maximize their revenue. Pressure can run high, but the minds of employees may wander. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be wary of signs that their employees may not be pulling their weight.

Notably, employees attention may drift to online shopping. Gift purchasing during the workday significantly increases leading up to the holidays, reports.'s eHoliday survey of 8,778 consumers found that 54 percent of respondents plan to buy gifts online during their work day.

The winding down of old business combined with possibly looking ahead to the new fiscal year may lead to a "mail-in" period during December, Joyce Rosenberg wrote for the Associated Press. Employers should not only pay attention to employees work habits during this time, they may also want to add a few minor assignments or easy goals to ensure workers are staying focused.

A survey by Accountemps revealed that 34 percent of business managers expect productivity to dip during the holidays. This time of year can be very challenging for a small business. Potentially increased business and customer demands combined with holiday distractions will force employers to remain vigilant regarding their employees' behavior.


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