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10 Podcasts for Solopreneurs

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    There has never been a time in history that has presented such a vast array of opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

    With countless ways of doing business and an immense variety of tools available, one can conduct business anytime, from anywhere. The Internet even provides countless podcasts, blogs, online workshops/webinars and professional social platforms to help individuals on this journey. Such an innovative environment has led to the rise of the "solopreneur"— entrepreneurs who are able to work "solo," or for themselves.

    Solopreneurs Represent a New Generation

    Modern capitalism is definitely evolving and bringing with it fresh ideas to charter unknown territories. Entrepreneurs of the past strived for buyouts, building a staff for economic growth and being the leader of an organization. Today's solopreneurs have a difference set of goals.

    "While entrepreneurs can work harder than anyone they know, a solopreneur is a worker by his very nature," explains John Rampton on "If a task needs to be done, his first thought is to roll up his sleeves and start working. For this reason, this new generation of freelance workers and sole proprietors have emerged, with professionals content to run a one-man shop with no intention of bringing another person on."

    Podcasts For Solopreneurs: Supporting The Journey

    Fortunately, solopreneurs don't have to forge ahead alone. Here are 10 podcasts for solopreneurs to learn from others who are cut from the same cloth and who have paved the way:

    1) The Solopreneur Hour — Hosted by Michael O’Neal, he invites the best and brightest solopreneurs from a spectrum of industries (including network marketing, internet marketing, music, entertainers and more) to share their practical tips and personal stories with his audience. O'Neal's mission is to help you on your solo journey, give you actionable steps to help you with your ventures and inspire you to take risks all while having fun doing it.

    2) Solo Smarts — Kelly McCausey has been a solopreneur since 2002. As a single mom she knew she had to make a living while still caring for her young son. Over the past 15 years she has made many common mistakes (like undercharging for her work) and has formed a great community of other solopreneurs who share how to form successful email marketing campaigns or how to set goals for the New Year.

    3) Working Without Pants — This may seem like a bit of a boys' club or that crazy frat house back in college, but there is some great information here that is inspiring and can be applied to a wide range of industries. From outsourcing hot sauce to practical ways of finding work, there's certainly something here for everyone.

    4) Being Boss — Okay, we had the boys' club, now here's one for the enterprising women out there. With Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon at the helm, heartfelt content is created addressing insecurities, the personal journey of being your own boss and determining what you want to accomplish with steps to get there. You'll be a certified "boss" in no time at all.

    5) Smart Passive Income — Don't be turned off by the self-help façade that looks like an infomercial. Pat Flynn is a successful solopreneur who makes his six figure income through "passive income" creating an online business that requires minimal effort. He also sorts through the advice on the Internet to find what works and what's ethical and passes it on to you.

    6) Launch Yourself — As a certified executive coach, Melissa Anzman interviews other solopreneurs to get their tips and advice for her listeners. Her goal is to "launch profitable businesses" by giving step-by-step advice to those who are just starting on this journey or for those who are struggling to find success.

    7) a16z Podcast — If you're a solopreneur in the tech industry, this podcast was designed just for you. Silicon Valley-based VC firm Andreessen Horowitz discusses tech news, trends, tech business leaders and all things influencing the tech world.

    8) Marketing School — Without a strong marketing strategy, your business simply cannot grow. However, marketing can take a lot of time and effort. Neil Patel and Eric Siu are experts in digital marketing and will teach you how to maximize your outcome with their practical 10 minute daily marketing tips.

    9) The School of Greatness — Being a solopreneur is hard — really hard. Lewis Howes gets this, and so he created a podcast to encourage others to dream big and teach them how to make their dream a reality. Howes intertwines business success with personal self worth for a complete picture of overall wellbeing.

    10) The Growth Show — HubSpot is a ginormous inbound marketing and sales company for good reason: they know what they're doing. Who wouldn't want to learn from one of the best in the business? You can get a ton of ideas and strategies from those who have had proven successes.

    As an emerging solopreneur, are you ready to officially become your own business? Bizee is the industry expert at helping you incorporate with a few simple steps — so why not form your business today? With all of the great podcasts to watch, you can spend time learning about how to run and grow your business while we take care of the time-consuming legal paperwork and research.


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