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Poll Results: What's the Best Part of Being an Entrepreneur

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There are plenty of aspects to love about being an entrepreneur or solopreneur, from being your own boss to forming a business focused on your passion. Being an entrepreneur or solopreneur can be incredibly humbling and rewarding for most people, despite all of the hard work and challenges you may have to face along the way.

On November 13, we posed a question to our Twitter audience inquiring about the best part about being an entrepreneur or solopreneur.

The results came in as a tie between “Flexible schedule” and “Doing what I love” — both received 33 percent of the votes each. We can certainly understand why those two were popular choices.

The remaining options of “Better income” and “Work with people I like” also both tied with 17 percent of the votes each.

Besides the options offered in the poll, other general reasons why some people prefer being an entrepreneur include:

  • Lack of appreciation at their former workplace
  • Desire the ability to work remotely or travel more often
  • Want to learn on the job or gain new experiences
  • Need a lifestyle change to escape burnout
  • Feel a lack of purpose in their current role
  • Want to shift careers or industries

If you're a fan of eating, sleeping and breathing all things entrepreneurial, then we have you covered on the Bizee blog. We rounded up our top blog posts on being an entrepreneur or solopreneur. Give these a read today and then comment below with your favorite aspect of being a business owner:

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Lisa Crocco

Lisa Crocco

Lisa Crocco is a marketer for an international food manufacturer by day and a freelance writer/marketer for startups and small businesses by night. She's written for outlets like USA Today College, Career Contessa, CloudPeeps and Fairygodboss.


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