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Small Business Ideas for Men

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    At some point or another, most people toy with the idea of starting their own business. Yet, whether it’s due to a lack of resources or trouble staying focused on the big picture, many of these aspiring entrepreneurs fall short of bringing their small business ideas to life. 

    While there are certainly valid reasons for never truly hitting your stride, other prospective business owners run into an entirely different problem: They don’t know what kind of business to start.

    Thankfully, today’s technology opens up more possibilities than ever before for both men and women to start their own business. No matter what skills you may possess, chances are good that you can find a way to translate that experience into your very own business.

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    Need a bit more inspiration? Whether you’re a corporate worker looking for a change of pace or an up-and-comer hoping to take your professional destiny into your own hands, here are some can’t-miss small business ideas for men.

    • Writing: Particularly if you have a background in writing, you’d be surprised at the range of opportunities out there for writers. You could start and monetize your own blog, offer content writing or ghostwriting services or even provide resume writing for other professionals like yourself. As a writer, the more specialized you are, the better — it’s definitely worth exploring as a possible option for putting your way with words to good use.
    • Virtual Assistant: Just as technology has made it possible to complete almost any task online from the comfort of your own home office, becoming a virtual assistant has naturally arisen as one of the more popular types of positions just about anyone can take on. In this role, you’ll likely be completing a variety of administrative tasks for other professionals as a one-person support team — and an entrepreneur in your own right.
    • Coding and web design: Here’s another service you can provide from just about anywhere. At this point, everyone has a website, which means there are plenty of opportunities out there for experienced coders and web designers. If you don’t have the necessary skill set yet, you’re probably just a few clicks away from the lessons you need to get up to speed.
    • Online courses: You can also opt to create an online course of your own. Maybe you have a particular skill and are looking to share your knowledge with others. Creating an online course is a great way to do just that while turning a tidy profit in the meantime. Of course, you’ll likely find that you’re far more successful if you’re dealing with a highly specialized topic.
    • Audiovisual content: If this one sounds cryptic upfront, it’s only because we’re talking about everything you can possibly do with audio and/or video content. If you know your way around editing software, you could pursue a career as an audio engineer or offer up your services as a producer of online video content. You may even want to indulge your creative side by starting your own YouTube channel or podcast.
    • PhotographyEven though everyone has a camera in their pockets these days, the services of a skilled, professional photographer are still very much in demand. Start by creating your own website to show off your portfolio and allow interested parties to reach out to you directly. You'll need to self-promote at the start, but once you get word of mouth going, you might find yourself busier than you think.
    • Consulting: If you have a wealth of experience under your belt, you could make a transition into consulting. Although the details of this role will depend on your industry and specialization, the bottom line is that you offer your knowledge to a business or individual in order to help them meet their own goals. Set up a contract for a predetermined period of time, and move on to another client once you've successfully addressed their issues.
    • Trade jobs: Here’s another broad category encompassing lots of options. Let’s say you have a particular labor skill: Maybe you are a whiz at fixing computers, building furniture or even tailoring clothes. Whatever the case may be, you might be able to build a business around marketing this service to your community.
    • Tutoring: Much like consulting, this business idea requires some highly specialized knowledge to really be successful. If you have an education background or are adept at a particular topic or discipline, you could become a tutor for current students. This can be done online through a number of companies, or you can go it alone, advertising your services to your immediate community.
    • Retail goods: People love to buy things, and as a savvy business professional, you have a number of ways to leverage this. You could sell products on eBay or other online marketplaces, open up your own retail store or embrace the ever-popular world of drop shipping (where you serve as an intermediary between the consumer and another party).

    The Next Steps

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    Once you nail down precisely what kind of business you want to start, that’s when the hard work really begins. As you’re about to discover, there’s a whole lot to consider to really make the most of your new venture, from the business structure to the various processes you’ll need in place to maximize your productivity. In fact, those early days can be extremely overwhelming. Although the percentage of small businesses that fail in their first year might not be what you feared, the long-term survival rate is far from encouraging. So you need to be mindful of the decisions you make now to plan for your future.

    That’s why Bizee is available to get you started on the right path from the very beginning, whether you need to incorporate your LLC or choose another business structure. We prepare business owners just like you for the current business landscape and ensure you're armed with the tools you need to succeed. Our extensive resources will empower you to take your business to new heights, as you progress confidently toward your company’s future. To learn more, check out our website and get started today!

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