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SOTM – The Resume Club: Empowering People with Professional Career Support

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    Bizee’s Spotlight Of The Month (SOTM) series is dedicated to sharing real-life entrepreneurial success stories from Bizee customers. The small business owners featured in these Spotlight profiles used Bizee’s business formation services to officially create their business as a legal entity, and now they are in business and making money.

    This month we’re featuring a professional services business called The Resume Club, which helps people get the job they deserve with writing support for resumes, cover letters and more.

    Providing Help with Resumes and Career Coaching

    Joanna Colbert is the owner of The Resume Club LLC, which is based in Atlanta and was established in May 2019 using Bizee's LLC formation service. She has extensive professional career experience in business writing and has a passion for helping people improve their career prospects with the power of the written word.

    “I provide resume writing packages for individuals and business owners,” Joanna said. “I have a variety of different packages. I also provide interviewing coaching sessions, and I help people find jobs or careers.”

    At a moment when so many Americans are out of work or considering new career moves, services like The Resume Club can provide valuable benefits to their customers.

    “I’ve been in business a year, and I am just now seeing significant sales due to COVID-19,” Joanna said. “Many individuals do not have jobs and are looking for help getting a job.”

    Often, people might be missing out on a job interview opportunity because of a misspelled or poorly worded resume, or they might need some career coaching to determine what kinds of jobs are the right fit for their skills. Sometimes people need extra encouragement and support to get clarity about what they want to do next in their career and what they might need to do differently to get on a new career track.

    Joanna’s business offers a variety of resume writing packages for people at all stages of their career, whether a recent graduate just getting into the job market for the first time, a mid-career professional, an executive or a business owner. Different customers often need different levels of support, and Joanna has created a comprehensive range of solutions to help all kinds of customers with resume writing and related career services.

    Getting Empowered as an Entrepreneur

    Hiring a professional resume writer or career coach to help you with your job search can provide wonderful feelings of empowerment: people struggling to get a job or figure out their next career steps can talk with a resume writer or career coach and feel like someone is in their corner and helping them make progress.

    Joanna tries to create those feelings of empowerment for her clients, and she feels the same way about being an entrepreneur.

    “I became an entrepreneur because I want to essentially be my own boss and make my own rules,” Joanna said. “When I hear the word entrepreneur, it makes me feel empowered because I worked hard to start my own business and every day I am seeing progress.”

    The journey of starting a business and building a successful, long-lasting company is not always easy, but entrepreneurs tend to believe that it’s worth the effort. Unlike a typical job where you have assigned duties and responsibilities, entrepreneurs have a greater degree of freedom to create their path. Sometimes entrepreneurs find themselves working harder than they ever did at a job, but they don’t even notice because they love the work and they are reaping the rewards.

    “The most rewarding thing about being my own boss is making my own schedule, helping others and getting paid to do what I love,” Joanna said. “The most challenging thing for me being a business owner is staying motivated and consistent even when you do not see results right away. My business recently got accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Atlanta, Georgia, and I am so grateful for this huge accomplishment after a year of hard work and dedication.”

    At its best, running a business doesn’t feel like “work” at all; it’s a labor of love.

    Getting the Benefits of Hiring Professional Help

    Joanna Colbert’s business is based on providing a professional service for a task — resume writing — that most people might assume they can do themselves. But the truth is that many people can benefit from getting professional help with various problems and to-do list items in their personal lives and their careers.

    Instead of trying to write your resume by yourself, a professional resume writing service like The Resume Club can help you get it done faster, can help you catch possible mistakes or inaccuracies and can help you build out the detail in your resume to be a better fit for your job search.

    Sometimes, “saving money” by not hiring professional help actually costs you money in the form of wasted time and lost opportunities. What if you could hire a professional resume writing service to help you get a great job that you might never have found by yourself?

    In the same way, Bizee’s services help busy entrepreneurs start a business and form an LLC while saving time, reducing their effort and avoiding possible mistakes.

    “My experience with Bizee was amazing and painless,” Joanna said. “I did not have to worry about anything and I am forever grateful and will continue referring others to use your services. I recommend that other entrepreneurs take advantage of hiring a professional service like Bizee to set up your LLC and provide a Registered Agent.”

    As an entrepreneur, your time is more valuable than ever. Anything you can do to take certain tasks off of your to-do list can free up more of your time, energy and mental bandwidth to focus on building your business. Just like The Resume Club provides a professional service to help people make faster progress in their career search, Bizee provides a professional service to help entrepreneurs make faster progress with their business goals.

    Follow The Resume Club on Facebook and Instagram (@TheResumeClubLLC) to get the latest career advice and insights.

    Ben Gran

    Ben Gran

    Ben Gran is a freelance writer from Des Moines, Iowa. Ben has written for Fortune 500 companies, the Governor of Iowa (who now serves as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture), the U.S. Secretary of the Navy, and many corporate clients. He writes about entrepreneurship, technology, food and other areas of great personal interest.


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