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Tips to acquire venture capital dollars

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After a lengthy period of planning, troubleshooting and organizing, small business owners must prepare to attain venture capital investments. Though success rates vary for each case, the path is often similar when it comes to attaining funding. By using these steps, an entrepreneur can increase his or her opportunities at acquiring the desired capital.

A clear breakdown of all risk – both financial and personal – should be presented. Lenders do not want any irregularities when it comes to finances and how the figures project over certain periods of time. The entrepreneur should offer any and all information regarding reimbursement of the initial investment and sound projections of potential revenue, according to

It is imperative that as a new small business owner, the entrepreneur remains up to date regarding market trends and how those forces will influence a new business. Those seeking lending should have a robust plan for surviving the initial months in the market, writes Michelle Hammond of

During investment negotiations, the entrepreneur should avoid constricting contract requests which could turn off possible investors. However, they should insure themselves financially, protecting against agreements that unnecessary penalize oneself should the business flounder. Too much aggressiveness during contract talks, should one get that far, can dissuade investors, Hammond writes.

Every investment case is different, however, utilizing these tips will help provide an outline. Following these ideas when being vetted by lenders can be the difference between just an idea and an established business.


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