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SOTM - The Ultimate Financial Boutique LLC: Helping You Build a Strong Financial Future Even in Uncertain Times

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    As part of Bizee’s ongoing Spotlight Of The Month (SOTM) series, we are sharing the inspiring, real-life success stories of Bizee customers who used our services to easily incorporate their business and who are doing great things with their company. This month we’re featuring The Ultimate Financial Boutique, LLC, a financial coaching business that helps people improve their finances, restore their credit, save more money and achieve financial empowerment.

    LaToria Stewart is the owner of The Ultimate Financial Boutique, which is based in Shreveport, Louisiana, and serves clients nationwide; she is also a licensed life insurance agent in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas.

    Helping People Understand Money

    The Ultimate Financial Boutique was founded in 2020 using Bizee to incorporate as an LLC. At Bizee, we make it easy for entrepreneurs such as LaToria to get up and running. We handle all the paperwork and filing, and we do it all for $0 + your state fee.

    With her new LLC, LaToria's business helps people achieve financial empowerment. The business has a special focus on empowering and equipping women and young people to get better financial literacy; understand the financial fundamentals of budgeting, saving and investing; and build their credit for a stronger financial future.

    “At The Ultimate Financial Boutique, we empower and educate women and youth on the importance of managing money through saving and budgeting, personal credit, business credit and helping individuals protect their family with life insurance,” LaToria said.

    Especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, when millions of Americans lost their jobs and suddenly had to focus on their personal finances in new ways, LaToria’s business and her financial coaching expertise are needed more than ever before.

    People often have complicated feelings or limiting beliefs about money that hold them back from success. Sometimes people don’t know the basics of financial literacy, such as how credit card debt works or how to make a budget, and it causes them to get into financial trouble.

    “Financial literacy is not taught in school and it is not discussed in many homes,” LaToria said. “As a financial coach, I'm able to help others who want to get back on the right financial track. With financial coaching sessions, these work best when clients are honest. We dive into your finances to determine a budget and determine a number you are comfortable saving.”

    Credit Restoration Coaching – For Personal and Business Credit

    The Ultimate Financial Boutique offers credit restoration coaching and services to people who want to improve their credit score quickly and get their finances back on track. They work with clients to look at the client’s credit report and correct or clear up any errors or negative items that could be disputed and removed. LaToria also coaches her clients on how to start building a positive credit history.

    While it might take time to completely get your credit to the level that you want it to be, depending on your situation, LaToria said that all of her company’s credit restoration clients have started to see positive results on their credit score within 30 days.

    “With personal credit restoration, clients are provided with their own portal so they are able to follow our progress,” LaToria said. “Clients are also coached on how to open or maintain positive lines of credit.”

    LaToria also works with small business owners who want to build business credit. Many small business owners would like to be able to qualify for business loans and lines of credit under their business name, without having to rely on their own personal credit. “With business credit, clients are provided and coached on what must occur in order to establish your business in the credit world,” LaToria said.

    Protecting Families’ Futures with Life Insurance

    Along with her financial coaching and credit restoration services, LaToria is a licensed life insurance agent in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas. She helps clients understand the value of protecting their families with life insurance, which is often more affordable than most people might expect. She often tells people, “Life insurance is cheaper than a cell phone bill.”

    “My insurance clients are provided with peace of mind knowing they have protected themselves and their families in case anything happens,” LaToria said.

    Along with various types of business insurance, business owners should be sure to include life insurance coverage as part of their overall personal financial plan. What would happen to your business and your family if you were to suffer an unfortunate accident or illness and die prematurely? No one likes to contemplate their own mortality, but life insurance can help cover your costs and give your family a financial lifeline to maintain a strong foundation for the future.

    Helping Clients Find Freedom and Empowerment

    As a financial coach, LaToria is in the business of changing people’s lives for the better. Many people come to her with questions about how to fix their credit or how to save money; she helps them build a healthier, stronger financial foundation for their lives so they can breathe easily, have peace of mind and invest for the future.

    “When I hear the word entrepreneur, I think of financial freedom,” LaToria said. “If you change your mindset, you can change your financial life. One of the most rewarding experiences I have in my business is when I pick up my phone to see a text from a client filled with excitement or answer my phone and a client is screaming in my ear with happy surprise because they are seeing positive results on their credit score.”

    LaToria holds herself accountable to a high standard of excellence and she believes in delivering great results for her clients. “I would never want to disappoint a client,” LaToria said. “The Ultimate Financial Boutique strives for greatness, so I make sure customers are happy and I communicate with my customers weekly.”

    The Ultimate Financial Boutique is already seeing strong demand for its services and is constantly taking on new clients. LaToria expects to start hiring her first employees sometime soon. “Within the next year, I foresee hiring and training a few employees to assist with The Ultimate Financial Boutique,” LaToria said. “New clients are coming in every week, and I am excited to see the amazing possibilities that are waiting ahead!”

    Getting Expert Help to Start a Business

    LaToria’s business is all about helping people figure out how to solve problems and fix situations in their financial lives that they might not know how to deal with by themselves. In the same way, she turned to Bizee to get experienced professional help in starting her business and forming an LLC.

    “Being an Bizee customer has been great, and they helped make it very simple to establish my business,” LaToria said. “They responded to all questions in a timely manner. When I opened my business checking account and filed for my D-U-N-S number, I had every document that was needed to establish myself in the business world. To anyone who is interested in working with Bizee, you won't regret it! Depending on what you need for your business filings, Bizee has several other documents you can modify that your business can benefit from as well.”

    Sometimes in life, we all need some extra help from an expert. Whether you need to fix your credit, improve your savings, or start a new business, The Ultimate Financial Boutique and Bizee are here to help.

    Follow The Ultimate Financial Boutique and get LaToria Stewart’s latest financial tips and insights on Facebook (The Ultimate Financial Boutique) or Instagram (@Ultimate_Financial_Boutique).

    Ben Gran

    Ben Gran

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