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What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

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    No matter what they look like, entrepreneurs make the world go around. Here is a lighthearted look at different kinds of startup owners and the unique quirks of those who start their own ventures.

    We have huge respect for people who forge ahead to create their own business and believe they should be rewarded well for their risk taking.

    These are the light hearted entrepreneurial groups

    • The Whiz Kid
    • The Crunchy CEO
    • The Unwashed Braniac
    • Work at Home Mom
    • The Pajamapreneur
    • The No Pantsapraneur
    • The Technophile
    • The Lifestyler
    • The Schmoozer
    • The Showman

    The states that are considered the most entrepreneur friendly are: South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Nevada, and Wyoming.


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