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#INCspiration — The Raw Botanics Co.: Natural Ingredients for Better Health

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    Sometimes life's toughest challenges can lead to its greatest successes, and that was certainly the case for our latest #INCspiration spotlight: The Raw Botanics Co. founders Les Kollegian and Brendan Smith.

    Through their own respective health challenges, Les and Brendan each experienced the healing effects of hemp firsthand. Wanting to help other people enjoy the same benefits, they started The Raw Botanics Co. using Bizee's filing service. Now, their business is thriving and their all-natural products are helping customers relax, rest and recover.

    Here, Les and Brendan tell us why they started their business, how it's made a difference in their community and what they've learned from entrepreneurship.

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    The Inspiration to Create a Better Alternative

    Les, a two-time cancer survivor, and Brendan, who battled PTSD for two decades, know a thing or two about fighting to stay healthy. They were able to do so with the help of hemp-based products, and the same was true for several of their family members.

    But when they learned more about natural wellness products and strove to find higher-quality options, they were disheartened to see that many companies were just trying to take advantage of the THC and CBD "gold rush." Instead of focusing on quality and health, those companies were only interested in profits.

    Motivated to create a better alternative that put customers' health (and wallets) first, Les and Brendan set out to start their own company, The Raw Botanics Co., in the summer of 2021.

    To do so, they turned to Bizee's filing services. "My partner Brendan and I wanted to effectively and inexpensively form a corporation to protect ourselves from liability," Les explained. "We found Bizee online and enjoyed the overall user experience and ease of registration on the site."

    Once they had formed their entity, they were ready to get their business up and running and put their products on the market.

    So what, exactly, does The Raw Botanics Co. offer? In particular, it specializes in:

    • Exotic cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC, which may help to promote better sleep, relieve pain, fight depression, inhibit tumor growth and more
    • Custom terpenes, i.e., the essential oils naturally present in the cannabis plant, which impart distinct aromas, flavors and therapeutic benefits
    • Plant and mushroom adaptogens, such as reishi, ashwagandha and turmeric, which may provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other benefits

    Conveniently, Les and Brendan have formulated and organized their products to address the health and wellness goals of customers. As they put it, "our approach is based on creating natural products that work and focus on specific health themes." These include "performance and focus, rest and better sleep or joint and muscle comfort," so everyone can find the relief they're looking for.

    Entrepreneurship: A Natural Choice

    For Les, all roads seemed to point toward entrepreneurial endeavors. "I have always loved flexibility and I tend to have a high tolerance for risk," he said. "Anyone who runs a business has to be able to deal well with failure and be able to continually get up when you're knocked down. That's me."

    "In the case of The Raw Botanics Co., we wanted to create a health and wellness product that was second to none in the market in order to create a positive impact on people's lives. This is what we are doing."

    Knowing that about Les, it's no surprise that the word he most closely associates with entrepreneur is excited. "There is a range of emotions and insane highs and lows of running a business. All of that is very exciting," he explained.

    Fortunately, the highs of entrepreneurship outweigh the lows. When we asked him about the most rewarding aspects of owning his own business and being his own boss, Les said that he most values "being able to create jobs, build relationships and help people by giving back to the community."

    The Raw Botanics Co. Is Just Getting Started

    Good things take time, and the founders of The Raw Botanics Co. know that. "We are not 'get rich quick' types of people," Les said. That's why "we plan to slowly grow the business and release new and improved products annually." With such a strategy, they'll be able to maintain the high standards of quality their customers expect.

    And for would-be entrepreneurs considering starting their own business, Les has sage advice. "Go for it! However, make sure you have enough time, money and resources to survive while in start-up mode."

    With that balance between entrepreneurial passion and practical considerations, we expect The Raw Botanics Co. to continue flourishing.

    Want to learn more about Les, Brendan and The Raw Botanics Co.? Visit their website or connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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