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Meet the Founder:
Guilherme Maia Silva

Snackable. Sustainable. Sensational. Força Foods lets you eat well and save the planet at the same time.

Guilherme “Maia” Silva knows that it’s possible to snack smarter. That’s why he dove into the deep end of the food industry, creating a snack that’s equal parts delicious and eco-conscious. Along the way, he learned what it means to be an entrepreneur. This is his founder's story.

Meet The Founder Forcafoods

A Real Life Captain Planet

The green crusader may be a fictional character, but Guilherme Silva is the real deal. He’s a true citizen of the world, growing up first in Brazil, then Thailand, India, China, and the U.S. His father’s career in agriculture did more than take them around the globe — it sparked a passion in Guilherme to understand where our food comes from.

Seeing my dad working on fields and having him come home and talk to me about his day-to-day work, I was always intrigued about how we grow our food. Anything you find at a grocery store essentially came from a plant. 
I was really interested in seeing how that worked.

Guilherme Maia Silva

Guilherme went on to attend UC Davis in California, where he followed in his father’s footsteps and studied agriculture. Little did he know, his path was about to diverge from the family patriarch — into the world of food manufacturing.


Guilherme “Maia” Silva, founder of Forca Foods, wanted to find a more environmentally friendly way to snack.

Changing the World … With a Snack

Like most college students, Guilherme didn’t cook much, so he was a big snacker. But he soon realized that all the protein bars he was eating — certainly healthier than many other options — had almonds or other nuts as the first ingredient. As Guilherme was learning in his coursework, these tree nuts were grown at the cost of pretty hefty water consumption.

He started digging into the research and soon became convinced that there was a better, more environmentally friendly way to snack.

I saw snacking as a great intro to living a more sustainable life. Taking that step towards making snacksa and being in an environment where I can develop new products and eventually start selling and building a business was just such a fun process.

Guilherme Maia Silva

It took a lot of time and a lot of testing — most of which happened in his own kitchen — but Guilherme, who never considered himself much of a chef, finally discovered a recipe that might just be his recipe for success.


Guilherme's energy bites are made with watermelon as the main ingredient


Forca Foods' energy bites require 78% less water consumption than almonds.

Making Water out of Watermelons

Guilherme realized that he needed to think radically about his sustainable snack idea, and soon, the seed was planted … a watermelon seed.

Guilherme learned that watermelon seeds require 78 times less water consumption than almonds and have more protein per serving. Best of all — they tasted great in the energy bites Guilherme whipped up.

His next goal? Product testing. Guilherme asked friends and family to try out his smart snacking concept … and they loved it.

I think what struck me the most was that people said, ‘Wait, how does this save water? What's this all about? I'm lowering my personal footprint by how many gallons of water?’ And people were just intrigued by that sustainable snacking concept.

Guilherme Maia Silva

It wasn’t long after that Guilherme’s company, Força Foods, was born. The brand’s core product, its energy bites, is gluten-free, vegan, and organic. Each pouch saves three gallons of water. And contrary to the old wives’ tale, it won’t grow a watermelon in your tummy (the website assures consumers they’ve put it to the test).

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Guilherme's sustainable product is gluten-free, vegan, and organic.

Guilherme’s Top Business Tips

Guilherme is no stranger to tough times, but he keeps a positive outlook and finds the silver lining in every rain cloud. And he believes other founders can do the same.

So what are his best business tips?


Surround yourself with support.

Guilherme credits his father with being not only his inspiration but his listening ear. He also has a strong network of friends, family, mentors, and industry professionals he relies on for advice.

Top Tips Forcafoods

Make time for yourself.

Guilherme gets through the tough weeks by taking a step back and doing something he enjoys. He prioritizes his well-being, which means working in some downtime and getting plenty of sleep.

Make Time For Yourself Forcafoods

Be patient.

Most entrepreneurs know that success doesn’t happen overnight. Still, it’s hard to build a business and not see immediate results. Guilherme says you have to dig deep and learn how to wait because good things will come

Be patient forcafoods

A lot of things might not go your way — things don't usually work out the way you envision them working out. So, it teaches you a lot about yourself, your personal work ethic, and how you handle tough times.

Guilherme Maia Silva

What’s Next for Guilherme and Força Foods?

Growth is on the horizon for Força Foods, and that’s what Guilherme has firmly set his sights on. He’s ready to expand while still staying true to his original vision. Here’s what he’s planning on in the weeks, months, and years ahead:


Grow across California.

Currently, his energy bites are sold in small shops, farmer’s markets, and online, but Guilherme is ready to start growing into larger chain retailers across California and the West Coast.


First, Cali. Next, the world.

The ultimate dream, Guilherme says, is to see his products on the shelves of Whole Foods and other national grocers that have an influence on their customers and understand what’s important to them.


Keep it simple and sustainable.

The core goal stays the same, even into the future, Guilherme says. “Just introducing more people to this concept of saving water simply by snacking. Everything goes back to that goal — showing people there are more sustainable and better alternatives out there without compromising on nutrition, without compromising on flavor.”

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We talk a lot about “lightbulb moments” or “aha moments,” but we’re also here to help spark new ideas or nurture lifelong passions.

A lot of founder stories come with a bright light bulb and a genius idea. But for me, it was a longer process where a lot of things in my childhood, my university career, and following my dad's footsteps led to this one moment where I thought, ‘Hey, why don't I start my own business?’

Guilherme Maia Silva

Plus, the Bizee process makes it simple and easy to get a business — like Guilherme’s — up and running in no time. That’s because we take care of all the paperwork and all the hassle, so our founders can focus on the big stuff — running their business.

Guilherme’s Top 3 Business Tools
  • His laptop
  • His support system
  • Himself!

Guilherme says he can do almost all of his work from the comfort of his trusty laptop. But he knows he’d never be able to do any of it without the network he’s built around himself — including close friends, family members, and industry professionals who support and mentor him. 

Finally, Guilherme says his top tool is himself — because he knows that confidence, grit, and perseverance are some of the chief determinants of future success. That’s why he says it’s essential to hold onto every little win. “Keeping that momentum from the good weeks is so important, especially for your own motivation and your own confidence — just building off of your successes and learning from your failures.”

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