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Inspirational Founder Stories

Our community of entrepreneurs is full of amazing inspirational success stories. From advice for getting started, to recommended business tools, scroll on to read the top tips from founders just like you.

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Meet Our Entrepreneurs

Ideas are how entrepreneurs change the world for the better.

Bizee is the place where you take your spark of an idea and bring it to life. So tell us, what’s your shiny story? We want to share it.

The Founder Who Built a 100% Remote Agency: Meet Jeanna Barrett

If you're craving the elusive work/life balance, then Jeanna Barrett is the entrepreneur for you. Learn how she built her successful company without the drag of the 9-5 grind.

Meet Jeanna
Founder Jeanna

From Student Loans to Successful Side Hustle: Meet Isabel Cervantes

You're never too young to start. Isabel Cervantes is the ultimate “side hustler.” Hear how she reduced her debt with a day job she loves and carved out time for her money-making passion project.

Meet Isabel
Founder Isabel

Serial Entrepreneur with an Athlete Mindset: Meet Khadijah Suleman

With not one, but two businesses under her belt (and more to come), Khadijah is not one to give up. Her advice to you is the same: just do it! Get her advice on how to start.

Meet Khadijah
Founder Khadijah

Caring for Others Comes Full Circle: Meet Michelle Harrison

From RN to creator of inspirational journals and publisher of children's books, Michelle Harrison is proof women can be both mothers and entrepreneurs. Learn how she did it.

Meet Michelle
Founder Michelle

Entertainer? Entrepreneur? Why Not Both?: Meet Kelsey Edwards

With an impressive resume that includes actor, singer, songwriter, and content creator, Kelsey Edwards is just getting started. Find out how the desire for freedom led her to entrepreneurship.

Meet Kelsey
Founder Kelsey

Something Big Is Brewing: Meet Mario Benjamin & Chaz Hubbard

Breaking into the historically white craft brewing scene was a challenge, but it was one that Chaz Hubbard and Mario Benjamin relished. Find out how they’re changing the industry and changing the conversation about race.

Meet Hella Coastal
Founder Hella Coastal

From Cyclist to CEO: See How a One-Time Customer Evolves into Owner

Think you can’t become an entrepreneur at your age? Think again! Kristina Vetter’s inspiring story of a mid-life career change is sure to get you back in the (bike) saddle.

Meet Kristina
Founder Kristina

This Founder Wants You to Say “Yes” to Her Dresses! Meet Marina Andriichenko

Find out how Marina Andriichenko left Silicon Valley to walk down the aisle and say “yes” to small business success!

Meet Marina
Founder Marina

Shining a Light on the “Intentional Economy”: Meet Danilo Batson

A year of loss and outrage leads to connection and community for a founder trying to give Black-owned businesses a big lift.

Meet Danilo
Founder Danilo

Eat Well and Save the Planet at the Same Time: Meet Guilherme “Maia” Silva

Find out how sustainable snacking can satisfy cravings…and save the environment. See how Guilherme Silva turned his eco-friendly dream into a successful business reality.

Meet Guilherme
Founder Guilherme

Sunny (and Safe!) Skies Ahead for This Skincare Brand Founder: Meet Aoxue Tang

Learn how one idea and one product can lead to compounding success with care and intentionality — see how it happened for women-owned business founder Aoxue Tang.

Meet Aoxue
Founder Aoxue standing on the balcony with other buildings in the background.

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