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Tennessee Virtual Office Address

Let your business call Tennessee home — even if you don’t live there full time — by getting a virtual address within state lines.

Bizee’s Virtual Adress Service

  • Accepts and scans letters and large envelopes with documents

  • NO physical office presence

  • Forwards bank checks, credit and debit cards to the contact address on file

  • NO in-person support

  • Email notifications for every new piece of mail

  • NO in-person mail pickup or dropoff

  • Stores an unlimited amount of data in your secure, private virtual mailbox

  • NO package deliveries

  • Stores an unlimited amount of data in your secure, private virtual mailbox

  • Filters out junk mail flyers and shreds unwanted mail

Advantages of a Tennessee Virtual Mailbox

Instant Notifications

Receive official mail from the Tennessee Secretary of State and the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury

Business Credibility

Build trust with suppliers who want to work with Tennessee businesses

(In)Direct Presence

Establish a local presence for your business — even if you aren’t there physically

Online Mailbox

Easily access mail that’s delivered to your Tennessee business address online, no matter where you are in the world

Upgraded Privacy

Ensure total privacy by separating your personal and business addresses

Tennessee Virtual Mailbox FAQs


Can I Use My Tennessee Virtual Address as My Registered Agent Address?

No, we don't recommend doing that. Generally speaking, all Registered Agents should have a local street address where they can receive business correspondence. Need a Registered Agent in Tennessee? Bizee offers a Registered Agent service in your state.


In What States Do You Provide a Virtual Mailbox Service?

Currently, we offer our Virtual Mailbox service in all states except for Oregon and Arkansas.


What Are the Limitations of a Virtual Mailbox Service?

Virtual Mailboxes do not allow small business owners to pick up mail at the given address. In addition, they cannot receive or store packages of any size.