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Bizee Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Winners — March 2023

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    Bizee is excited to announce the winners of our latest round of entrepreneurial grants! We’re looking for the business leaders of tomorrow, and our entrepreneur grant program gives entrepreneurs the chance to get their projects off the ground with an award of $2,500 in continuing education fees or business startup costs.

    Our Young Entrepreneur grant spotlights students with big ideas, while our Fresh Start grant is for adult entrepreneurs starting from scratch or looking to make a comeback with a past business idea.

    Meet our latest winners, Sophia and William, and see what it takes to be a grant-winning entrepreneur with a revolutionary vision that stands out from the pack.

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    Young Entrepreneur Grant Winner: Sophia Winston, Mingo Studio

    Meet Sophia Winston, our Young Entrepreneur grant winner!

    Sophia has had an explosive launch into entrepreneurship, all sparked by her faith. After looking for a way to take better notes at church, Sophia discovered the secret to organizing her to-do lists, schedule, brainstorming, and Bible study lessons all in one place — bullet journaling. Like a true entrepreneur, Sophia found a way to turn her passion into a business. By combining her love of art with her love of organization, she managed to merge different niches and appeal to a fresh customer base.

    After skipping a grade, Sophia became a graduating senior at just 16 years old. While juggling AP classes and college applications, she made time to start her online bullet journaling business, Mingo Studio. As her online community began to spread across the globe, Sophia garnered support on Patreon and opened an Etsy shop to sell unique journal stickers to her followers. Now, Sophia has expanded her reach by launching her own YouTube channel, which currently boasts over 6,000 subscribers and counting.

    Sophia plans to continue expanding her online business while studying film production and digital marketing at college. She draws inspiration from her mother, who is a POC small business owner herself. For eight years, Sophia has watched her mother persevere with her quilting company, serving as a constant reminder of the power of perseverance and fortitude.

    Sophia believes the key to entrepreneurial success lies in your mindset. She says: "No matter how discouraging the YouTube analytics can be after an ill-performing video, or what my bank account looks like at the end of the month, I know that with a rock-solid resolve, a little grit, and a little prayer, I can keep pushing through to success."

    You can follow Mingo Studios on YouTube to boost your own productivity with Sophia's helpful tips.

    Fresh Start Grant Winner: William Arvin, Vite! Studios

    Meet William Arvin, our Fresh Start grant winner!

    William has proved himself to be an entrepreneur with an unwavering spirit. From a young age, William was captivated by the world of business. His first venture into entrepreneurship started with a tee shirt printing company out of his garage, although it remained in the prototype stage.

    Then, William got a taste of success when he and his friends embarked on an exciting venture — an independent record label that lasted for three exhilarating years. They signed bands, released records, and organized large-scale events in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, as resources dwindled, the financial strain became too great, leading the company to dissolve. But that didn't stop William.

    After reinvesting in education and honing his creative skills, William went into business with his wife, Sara Arvin. Together, inspired by the love they have for their four children, the two merged their creative pursuits to establish Vite! Studios.

    Since 2010, their company has showcased an impressive repertoire spanning paintings, graphic work, clothing, accessories, set design, music videos, films, costumes, and an array of unique creations. Now, the pair are evolving their business to include short-term rentals, properties, and assets that will accrue value over the years and build equity — a smart move that will help them save for their children's futures.

    Driven by an unyielding passion for his family, William believes commitment and dedication are the keys to entrepreneurial triumph. He says: "Behind every successful entrepreneur is probably about a half-dozen failed attempts. Sure, there are exceptions, but those who succeed do so despite one failure after another, rejection on top of rejection, pass after pass. It doesn't matter because the strength of the vision carries far greater weight than that of failure."

    Meet William and his incredible family — and perhaps find the next creative service you've been searching for — on the Vite! Studios website.

    Upcoming Grants: How to Apply + Deadlines

    Submissions for the next round of Bizee's entrepreneur grants are now open. Apply before June 30, 2023, for your chance to be considered. Learn more about our two grants:

    Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Grant

    Are you a student with a vision? Our Young Entrepreneur Scholarship grant could help provide the support you need to fund your education and support your unique business ideas.

    The student whose idea impresses our judges the most will receive $2,500 toward continuing their education. Apply for the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship grant here.


    • Must be a high school senior, undergraduate, graduate, or trade school student
    • Must attend a U.S.-based high school, trade school, or university
    • Must hold a GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Must have an interest in starting a business

    Fresh Start Business Grant

    Aspiring entrepreneurs, we believe in you — that's why we want to help expand your business. The Fresh Start Business Grant is for all adult entrepreneurs looking to make their dreams come true, whether they're starting from scratch or giving a past business idea a new try.

    One ambitious visionary will receive $2,500 towards startup costs plus Bizee’s Gold Package for free. Apply for the Fresh Start Business Grant here.


    • Must be 21 years or older
    • Must be a U.S. resident
    • Must be planning to start a new business or grow and expand an existing business

    How to Apply

    The next deadline for both of our grants is June 30, 2023. Here's what you need to do:

    • Complete the online application.
    • Create a short two-minute video explaining how entrepreneurship will impact your life.
    • Submit a sample business plan.

    Apply to Give Your Business Idea a Running Start

    You've got a vision for the future, so don't let anything stand in your way. Apply for our entrepreneurial grant program, and let us fund your destiny in entrepreneurship. Summer applications are open until June 30, 2023.

    Get $2,500 to Power Your Business Ambitions

    Apply for Bizee’s Entrepreneur Grant today!

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