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#INCspiration — Emily Schromm: Empowering People to Achieve Better Health and Fitness

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    Bizee’s #INCspiration Founder Story series is an ongoing series of monthly articles where we shine a spotlight on the real-life success stories of Bizee clients who used Bizee’s business formation services to start their companies by creating official legal business entities.

    This month we’re featuring EmFit, a business founded by Emily Schromm, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and personal trainer who helps empower people to get healthier with food and movement. EmFit offers a variety of products and services for promoting better health and wellness, including a gym (Platform Strength) in Denver, nutritional and digestive supplements, strength training, gut health, personal fitness coaching programs and more.

    Learn more about EmFit and how Emily Schromm used Bizee to start a business and help power her entrepreneurial growth.

    From Employee to Entrepreneur: Building Upon Professional Experience

    Many entrepreneurs get started in business because they realize that they don’t like having a regular job. Emily Schromm started her professional career working as a personal trainer for a major corporate fitness center chain. She loved the work but she wanted to be her own boss.

    “I realized that I hate wearing name tags, and I hate wearing a uniform, and I really don't like working for other people,” Emily said. “And this all led to this idea of ... working for myself. My boss at the time, who is now the manager of my gym, Platform Strength in Denver, told me you need to start your own thing. With his help, in that little word of affirmation, I branched off and did my own thing, starting with personal training.”

    Emily started doing personal training as a self-employed entrepreneur, and she’s never looked back. Even though she had never considered herself a “businessperson,” she was driven by passion and motivation to learn and grow.

    “After you start being your own boss, it's really hard to ever go back,” Emily said. “So it was the right fit for me for sure. I never thought I would be an entrepreneur. I never thought I would be a business owner. I had no previous business training. But when you know, you know, and there's just no greater honor than to be able to work for yourself.”

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    Finding Your Niche(s) as an Entrepreneur

    Although Emily’s business started out focused on personal training, she quickly discovered that she wanted to expand her services and offerings into a broader package of ways to help people get empowered around health and fitness.

    “It just grew as I grew,” Emily said. “Personal training, which evolved into nutrition, which evolved into taking care of people a little bit more mentally, spiritually, emotionally, including covering things like gut health and stress and adrenals. And all of that happened because I was going through the same process. I had gut issues. I wanted to learn about gut issues. I realized how hard it was to learn about gut issues and get the solution support that I needed. So I would then create a program for it to help those who are going through the same thing I was.”

    For Emily, building her business was not just about numbers and data — it was about a spiritual process of discovering how to make a bigger difference in people’s lives. By learning from her own health and fitness journey, Emily figured out how to expand her business and create multiple businesses and product lines in a way that could benefit others.

    “As I kept learning and kept growing with personal and spiritual development, the businesses coincided right alongside that,” Emily said. “It’s all about servicing people in a way that helps them live better, healthier lives. And it's just such an honor to be as creative as possible to take care of my employees and my customers as much as I can.”

    Forming Multiple LLCs

    Emily’s business is unique because she has multiple product lines, different service offerings and a few various umbrellas for how she organizes her companies. She has used Bizee to create not just one, but six LLCs for her businesses.

    “I have six LLCs ... and I have used Bizee for every single business filing,” Emily said. “It's so easy and convenient and stress free. They send you everything you need. And it was always just my go-to when I had a new business idea. When I had a new business plan, and I was ready to execute, Bizee was ready to go. And that's my kind of jam because when I have an idea I want to execute as quickly as possible, and I want to be creative, I don't want to deal with logistics. So Bizee took the logistics off of my plate, and I got to be as creative as I could be and still get to focus on the most rewarding things about owning my own company and being my own boss.”

    Depending on what type of business you have, or how you want to structure your business and which state or states you operate in, Bizee can help you set up multiple LLCs, set up multiple DBAs (Doing Business As) for different product lines of the same business or set up a Series LLC that can be an umbrella structure to hold multiple businesses.

    Getting Inspired for Future Growth

    As Emily’s businesses have grown, she has expanded her concept of how to build a brand for herself and how to share her expertise. She has a podcast called Meathead Hippie and an online publication called EMPRESS.

    “The thing I wish I would have heard almost 10 years ago when I started my first business at the end of 2012, is that the beauty of owning your own business is the process,” Emily said. “Every single day, you're going to learn something new. And you need to remember and remind yourself that it is just one big, long journey with no end destination. There are mile markers and milestones, and we celebrate them every time we can. We appreciate them every time we get there. But it never ends. And if we think that we're going to get to an end destination and feel a certain way, live a certain way or be a certain way, then we're approaching this completely wrong.”

    Entrepreneurs should try not to be too self-critical, put too much pressure on themselves, hold themselves to impossible standards or compare themselves to others. Sometimes as a business owner, the best “success” and the greatest joy is found in doing the work every day, being of service to your customers and embracing the journey.

    Follow Emily Schromm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

    Ben Gran

    Ben Gran

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