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How Quickly Will Bizee  File My LLC?

How Quickly Will Bizee File My LLC?

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    We live in an instant world. Consumers are used to free two-day shipping, emails flood our inboxes with tracking updates, and our phones buzz with notifications. Knowing where your items or orders are at all times provides comfort and convenience.

    At Bizee, we recognize the need for you to always know the status of your order, especially when that order involves your business. After all, the legal status of your company is way more important than that cat sweater you ordered on Amazon at 2 a.m.

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    Our Bizee Dashboard

    Our Bizee Dashboard has plenty of great user-friendly features that assist you in streamlining your business. One of those features includes an entire section on your order details, including current status and order history.

    When you place an order with Bizee, you can review your order for accuracy and check the status of its completion, as well as choose to expedite your order if necessary. After completing your transaction, you'll be able to track it in real-time and receive updates.

    How Quickly Will Bizee File My LLC?

    Bizee strives to ensure that every order received is prepared within one business day. Our quick and easy service allows you to spend more time on other aspects of your business instead of worrying about state filing paperwork that can be time-consuming and complicated.

    After filing, the time frame for the creation of your LLC will depend on the state where you are forming your business. For example, the typical state filing time in Texas is one week, whereas the typical state filing time for Delaware is 15 business days.

    Just follow the steps to filing online with us, and you will receive your first order status update the next business day after conducting the preliminary name search against the state records!

    Get Started Today!

    We hope our dashboard will be your go-to business tool and an ongoing resource as your business evolves. Bizee can help you file your LLC (and other business entity types) quickly and efficiently. Get started today!

    Form Your LLC $0 + State Fee.

    Includes Free Registered Agent Service for a Full Year.

    Lisa Crocco

    Lisa Crocco

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