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Poll Results: Busiest Season for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur or small business owner, do you experience some months that are significantly busier than others? What about an entire season that is busier than the rest?

With winter winding down and spring nearly sprung, we started thinking about how it feels like our small businesses often enter into a new phase of growth or stagnation depending on the time of year.

We wanted to see if our Twitter followers agreed that certain seasons are busier than others, and if so, what season proved to be the busiest for them.

So on January 22, 2019, we asked our Twitter followers to weigh in on what season tends to be busiest as a small business owner.

Summer had the most votes — 38 percent of respondents said this was their busiest season as an entrepreneur. Only 12 percent said fall was the busiest time for them, and spring and winter were tied with 25 percent of the votes each.

So why does it appear that summer is such a busy season for entrepreneurs and small business owners? Well, for starters, it could depend on what type of industry you're in.

A lot of companies begin their new fiscal year in late spring or early summer, meaning they have new budgets and money to spend. If you are in the consulting world, this may be a hot and busy time for you. But if you're in the hospitality industry, winter may be when you are swamped because of all the holidays and events that happen during this season.

Even if your business is slow, there are plenty of things you could be doing. Here are just a couple of ideas:

  • Evaluate your business entity type and decide if it’s time for a change
  • Organize your financial statements and prep for tax season
  • Clean up your digital or physical files
  • Attend networking events
  • Take an online course or get a certification related to your business
  • Educate yourself: read up on industry news, listen to podcasts, sign up for webinars, etc.
  • Redesign or set up your company’s website
  • Upgrade your technology and systems
  • Create a growth plan for your business
  • Start a second small business

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Lisa Crocco

Lisa Crocco

Lisa Crocco is a marketer for an international food manufacturer by day and a freelance writer/marketer for startups and small businesses by night. She's written for outlets like USA Today College, Career Contessa, CloudPeeps and Fairygodboss.


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