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Why Entrepreneur-Investors Should Jump on the Smart Revolution

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    Every day we hear more and more about the smart revolution that is taking place around us. But what exactly is this smart revolution, and how does it affect us? The concept of "smart revolution" refers to the process of replacing more and more tasks that are currently being done by humans with robots and artificial intelligence, which will make a company more efficient while growing productivity and reducing costs. All in all, it sounds like the perfect move for an entrepreneur or investor who wants to take the company to the next level.

    How Are Things Now?

    Thinking of the practical aspect, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (the "internet of things") are something that your business should pay some serious attention to. Certainly, you have already integrated some lower level AI in your everyday life: maybe a chatbot helped you submit a client service request, you unlocked your new smartphone using your face or sorted photos based on who was in them.

    Even more evolved technologies are making important changes in how customer service of the near future may look, such as the cloud-based voice interaction Alexa that is accessible from millions of devices. Similar IoT that aims to predict our behavior by processing registered data of past experiences is already implemented by the biggest players in advanced technology development.

    How Can You Benefit From It?

    Both big and small companies can benefit from the smart revolution. While the big ones have already reconsidered some of their processes and embraced progress in their operations, small businesses have invaluable opportunities to use smart technology to their benefit. By dramatically reducing barriers for startups that are incorporating useful automation in their processes from the beginning, some industries are becoming more accessible.

    This also translates to cutting costs of setting up a small business without being forced to outsource customer accessibility, payment and security applications, customer support or marketing tools. In other terms: in every industry that needs more speed, greater efficiency, and more security, artificial intelligence must be present.

    Why the Need to Jump on This Technological Wave?

    Adopting a skeptical conservative attitude toward change has always caused people to lose some important battles. Understanding that this is an immense opportunity to ride the technological wave and stay on it is a much smarter approach. That doesn't mean you should fire most of your employees and replace them with robots — this is an extremist understanding of the smart revolution.

    Max Polyakov’s opinion on technology is that IoT and AI are not going to replace humans, and the right approach is implementing advanced technology for assisting employees and helping them deliver an improved service or product. Giving more options to your customers, being more prompt to solve their requests and more efficient in doing your job is just a short list of how technologically advanced tools can support your business. So rather than being worried, start looking for ways to outfit your team with the right tools and skills to handle the change. Stay on top of the transformation instead of getting drowned by it.

    If you think your business has nothing to do with the smart revolution, you should think again! Eventually, no industry will remain untouched by progress.

    Leah Green is an editor and blogger from Harlow, UK. Leah's looking for new inspiration and always seeking to add something new to the lives of her readers.


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