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What Is a Web Design Contract? How You Can Use Our Web Design Contract and Save Money

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    The web design industry is flourishing and web developers are in demand. Whether you’re an established website design agency or a skilled individual, it’s important to protect your website business. One of the most effective ways to do that is through getting a fair, thorough and comprehensive web design contract in place. A contract creates an agreement between you and your client that sets out all of the terms and expectations for the work you do and what you expect from them.

    There’s just one issue — specialist contract attorneys are expensive! You don’t want to spend a large proportion of your hard-earned profits on contracts for web design services. Fortunately, here at Bizee, we have business contracts and document templates that are the perfect solution.

    Before we get into it, it’s worth briefly exploring the state of the web design industry.

    Why Great Website Development and Design Is So Important to Businesses

    The Benefits of Creating a Web Design Contract

    A contract defines expectations between you and your client. It tells the client what they can expect from your services and the “rules of engagement.” It can also define the work that you do and areas such as price and time lines. Here are some of the key benefits of a web design contract.

    A Contract Sets the Scope of What You Will Do

    Whether you put it in a contract or a statement of work, you need to clearly define the work you’re going to complete for the client. This will likely include:

    • Timescales for meeting certain deliverables in the web design project
    • Rates you expect to bill and be paid for your work
    • Details of the work you will do
    • Quality of work that you will complete

    A Contract Protects You and Your Client

    Because a contract is a legal document that’s signed by all parties, it sets expectations for everyone. It means you’ve agreed to a common set of standards and tells the client exactly what to expect and how you will provide it. This gives confidence to the client that they will get what they pay for.

    A Contract Promotes Good Client Relationships

    Contracts are part of running a professional business and building trust. Setting mutual expectations shows a client that you’re serious about meeting your obligations. This goes a long way towards building a lasting client relationship.

    A Contract Can Resolve Disagreements

    If there’s a conflict between you and a client, you can refer them back to the contract. Assuming you’ve communicated, managed and delivered the project as defined in the contract or statement of work, then you have a solid foundation if there’s a disagreement.

    A Contract Tells the Client What You Expect of Them

    One of the frustrations of creative work is that you are often waiting on a client’s approval before you proceed with a project. You can set terms around this in the contract. For example, how soon you need feedback on revisions, how you and the client will communicate and anything else to make the process easier.

    How Bizee Saves You Money with Your Web Design Contracts

    As we mentioned above, contract lawyers can be expensive, especially if you have to customize your contracts. That’s why we’re delighted to share our contract library.

    This service is a specialized collection of legal documents. You’ll find a library of common business contracts, agreements, letters, templates and more to help you manage the legal side of your web design business. Every document has been drafted, written and approved by specialized business attorneys, so you can be confident the documents will meet all your legal requirements.

    For example:

    • The Consulting Agreement sets out exactly what services you expect to provide as part of your consulting operation.
    • The Sales Agreement defines the products you’re selling and the terms you’re selling them under.
    • The Independent Contractor Agreement ensures everyone understands and agrees to services, terms and conditions.
    • The Bill of Sale ensures customers are properly informed when sales have been finalized.

    Customizing Your Web Design Contract

    You will want to create a web design contract that’s specific to your business. Good news, for a fee of just $199, you can speak to a specialist attorney who will draft a document to your exact needs.

    Getting Access to the Bizee Document Library

    • If you have started your business through Bizee and are currently using a Silver or Gold package, you can get unlimited access to the legal document library for just $150.
    • If you have started your business through us and are currently using our Platinum package, you already have full access to the legal document library.
    • If you are not using Bizee to form and manage your company, consider registering to get access to 25+ high-quality, read to use contracts.

    No matter what your business is, having the proper contract in place will ultimately protect you and provide direction and clarity for all your projects and clients. Ensure you're always using a contract for all your web design work. Partnering with Bizee to do so will make the process easier and faster.

    Paul Maplesden

    Paul Maplesden

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