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How to Get a Virtual Business Address in Houston for Your Home Business

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    "Houston, we have a problem." You're about to start a home business, but you aren't sure which address to use. Should you use your actual home address? Perhaps a P.O. Box will do? Or what about these virtual mailbox services you've been hearing about?

    We've got all the answers to your questions about virtual addresses and mail services, including all the info you need to get your own virtual business address in Houston — and we promise it's no problem, Houston!

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    What Is a Virtual Business Address?

    Every business needs an address, but traditional street addresses might not always work, and here's why:

    • You work from home and don't want to disclose your home address
    • You don't have a physical office space or brick-and-mortar location
    • You live in a different state than where your business was formed
    • You plan to move to a different state but want to keep your existing business
    • You receive a lot of mail and need a better way to manage it

    If any of these scenarios sound like you, you might want to explore a virtual business address. This type of address is usually part of a virtual mail service or may be part of a suite of virtual office services. A virtual address assigns you a street address in the state you select, allowing you to have all your mail sent there.

    Different providers offer a variety of services, from mail forwarding to mail scanning to shredding and disposal. Most providers operate on a subscription model where you pay monthly or annually for a selection of services.

    Benefits of Having a Houston Virtual Business Address

    Houston is a thriving global city in the Lone Star State near the Gulf of Mexico. It's a hub for aerospace, healthcare, and arts and entertainment. As one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs, the city is bursting with business incentives, making it a pretty great place for those looking to start a home business.

    One important piece in the puzzle: Your Houston street address. A virtual business address service will help that piece fall into place, but how exactly does a virtual street address benefit your home business?

    Make Business Formation Simpler

    If you're forming an LLC or corporation in Houston for your home-based biz, you'll need a Texas street address to list as your official business address during the formation process. This address will be submitted with your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation and will include your registered business address. You can't use a P.O. Box for this purpose, so having a dedicated street address in your state is the best way to make the steps to formation go as smoothly as possible.

    Support Seamless Business Operations

    After formation, you'll find that you need to hand out your address for many business-related purposes. You'll be asked for your business address when opening a bank account, applying for credit cards and funding, getting an EIN, or prepping and filing taxes. Having a registered street address ready to go will make these processes easier and quicker for you so you can get what you need to keep your business running.

    Protect Your Privacy

    If you're running a home-based business in Houston, why not just use your home address? There are plenty of reasons, the biggest one being privacy. Using your actual home address means that information will be more widely available and could make you more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. With a virtual address, you never have to disclose your home address, and it will never be associated with your business.

    Turn Mail Management Into a Breeze

    With most virtual mail services, you're getting much more than a street address — you're getting a virtual mail management system. With most providers, you'll have your mail scanned and sent to you digitally so you can check it from anywhere in the world. You decide whether important mail should be forwarded or stored and which mail should be shredded and disposed of safely and securely. This saves you time and hassle and gives you greater day-to-day flexibility. You don't have to sit around waiting for important mail — you can simply check in and take action even when you're on the go.

    Who Should Consider Getting a Virtual Business Address in Houston?

    There are many reasons to secure a virtual business address in Houston. Be sure to check out your options if you are:

    • A Houston resident with a home-based business
    • A Texas business owner without a physical office space
    • A prospective business owner in Texas preparing for legal formation
    • A business owner who wishes to get a different street address and remove a home address from their Articles of Organization
    • An out-of-state resident planning to form a business in Houston
    • A business owner in another state expanding the business into Texas

    If you fall into one or more of these categories, check out Infile's Virtual Address service. For one monthly price, we'll sort, scan, forward, and dispose of your mail (packages excluded) and give you a street address in the state of your choice.

    FAQs About Houston Virtual Business Addresses

    More questions about getting a virtual business address for your Houston biz? Lucky for you, we've got more answers.

    Does Texas Allow Virtual Business Addresses?

    Yes, Texas does allow virtual business addresses. A virtual address is a legal street address that can be used when forming a business entity and can also be used for other business purposes, like opening a business bank account or applying for an EIN. A virtual address in Texas works exactly like any other street address in Texas.

    How Much Does a Virtual Address Cost in Houston?

    The cost of your Houston virtual address will vary based on the provider you choose, but it's often between $10-$35 per month. There may be a discount if you opt to pay for an entire year in advance, and some providers will offer different service tiers to meet your specific needs.

    How Do I Get a Virtual Address in Houston?

    To get a virtual address in Houston, you'll need to go through a provider. The USPS does not provide virtual addresses or virtual mail services, and a P.O. Box is not the same as a legal street address, so you can't use one for business formation.

    Look for a reputable virtual address provider like Bizee, which offers the services you need at a price that's within your budget. We also offer safe and secure disposal of mail to help protect your identity, which is an important trait of any provider you go with.

    What Is the Best Virtual Address in Houston?

    The best virtual address in Houston is one you get through a trusted partner. Bizee has helped launch over 1 million businesses and can securely obtain your Houston virtual address for you, allowing you to use a valid, legal street address in the state of Texas to suit all your business needs.

    Can I Use a Virtual Address for My LLC in Houston?

    Yes, you can use a virtual address for your LLC in Houston. Start by securing your virtual business address before you form your LLC. That way, you can use the virtual address when filing your Articles of Organization. That means your virtual address will be your registered business address, and you can use it for all business purposes.

    Should I Have a Virtual Business Address for My Houston Home-Based Business?

    If you don't want to use your home address, then yes, you should probably have a virtual business address for your Houston home-based business. You might think it's easier or cheaper to use your home address, but in reality, it can be a big hassle, especially if it compromises your privacy, puts your identity at risk, or means you'll have large amounts of mail piling up at home. A virtual address protects your privacy and makes mail management a simple, digital process.

    While it might seem like getting a virtual business address is just another step to add to your business formation process, the benefits far outweigh the minimal effort and cost. If you're ready to start your Houston business, Bizee's Virtual Address service can get you a legal Texas street address in no time. Houston, we have lift-off!

    Protect Your Privacy and Check Mail From Anywhere in the World.

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