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Need a Physical Address for Your Business?

Need a Physical Address for Your Business?

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    Virtual Offices vs Virtual Addresses

    If you’re an online-only entrepreneur or don’t have a brick-and-mortar establishment, then listing a physical address for your business could be extremely useful. Especially if work-from-home business owners don't want to list a home address as a business address, getting a virtual address is a great option. We’ll explore more reasons why you might want to list a business address other than your home address for your small business before explaining how you can get one.

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    Reasons to Get a Physical Business Address

    Get a Physical Address If You Own an LLC or Corporation

    If you have a business entity structure that’s an LLC, corporation or similar, your mail needs to go to a physical street address in the same state as where your company was formed.

    LLCs and corporations must have a Registered Agent that maintains regular business hours and can receive official mail. You can act as your own Registered Agent, but you lose some level of privacy since Registered Agent information, including their address, is publicly available.

    Additionally, if you run into financial or legal issues, then a separate business address can be very helpful. Taking yourself off of the searchable Registered Agent database could also significantly reduce the amount of junk mail that you get.

    Bizee offers a complete Registered Agent service across all 50 U.S. states for free for the first year when you form a business entity with Bizee and $119 per year afterwards. We’ll receive mail on behalf of your business, scan it and notify you, and you can log in to our secure portal and review your correspondence.

    Get a Physical Address to Build Credibility with Customers, Suppliers and Partners

    Using a separate physical address as your organization’s address can make your company look more legitimate and encourage others to do business with you. It’s true that self-employed freelancers and entrepreneurs are technically small business owners — and you’re certainly skilled at running a successful business.

    From a customer’s perspective, the image of you operating out of your dining room, or from your laptop on the sofa, might make your organization seem less professional.

    A physical business address that’s not the same as your residence can boost your credibility and professionalism and build trust with your customers, suppliers and partners.

    Get a Physical Address If You’re a Digital Nomad

    If you’re a traveler who’s always on the go and work from different locations in the world, then maintaining a physical address could be challenging. Even if you do keep an address, accessing your mail as a digital nomad could be difficult when you’re trekking cross-country, or living in an entirely different hemisphere. VPM addresses are your own, so generally till you give it up, it'll stay with you for a long time.

    With a virtual address, you can be sure to never miss an invoice, payment or tax documents if your home country/state. Your virtual mailbox will save you a ton of time by digitizing all mail. Staying compliant with your state and country laws with the help of a virtual address is as easy as getting one.

    Get a Physical Address If You're Relocating Your Business or Expanding into a New Region

    Moving home or moving a business takes a lot of time, effort and focus. With everything going on, it’s possible that something might slip through the cracks. Getting a separate physical address helps you deal with those problems — provide it as your business correspondence address, and you can be sure of continuity of service.

    If you’re expanding into a new region or state, then a business address there can also be very helpful. Of course, you’ll need a Registered Agent in a new state, but you might also benefit from a separate business address.

    The location of business can make a big difference - infographic

    How to Get a Physical Address for Your Business

    When it comes to getting a physical address, you have several choices:

    1. Get a Virtual Business Address

    One of your best options could be a virtual business address. This is a virtual mailbox service that provides you with several useful benefits:

    • You’ll have a physical street address and presence in the state you want to do business in — even if you’re located elsewhere.
    • A virtual business address service will scan your mail and send you digital copies of correspondence that’s sent to you.
    • You can use an online portal to log in and see your correspondence wherever you are, making it ideal for travelers.
    • Some services will dispose of your junk mail and won’t scan it, which can save you time when you’re reviewing correspondence.

    Bizee provides a complete Virtual Mailbox service across many states. The service includes:

    • Complete digital mail scanning of all correspondence, uploaded to your secure account within one business day
    • Worldwide access through your web browser, meaning you can read mail from anywhere on your web browser
    • Security and encryption of your correspondence, meaning it’s only available to you via logging into your secure mailbox portal
    • Email notifications every time we scan and upload a piece of mail, so you’ll never miss time-sensitive information
    • Mobile compatibility that makes it easy to view correspondence on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet

    2. Get a P.O. Box from the United States Postal Service

    You might be able to use a P.O. Box for mail, with two important exceptions:

    • When you first form your business, many states will not allow you to use a P.O. Box.
    • Under no circumstances will states allow you to use a P.O. Box for your Registered Agent address.

    You will also need to visit your P.O. Box to pick up mail, or have it forwarded to another address. It will often be more convenient for you to choose another option, rather than maintaining several addresses for different types of correspondence.

    3. Get a Mailbox Through the UPS Store

    If you decide to get a mailbox through the UPS Store, you’ll receive an actual physical address, not a P.O. Box. They can handle deliveries, send you notifications when you receive packages and forward mail.

    4. Use the Address of a Coworking Space

    If you’re a member of a coworking space, see if you can use the address as your business address. Check what the rules are on receiving mail to the coworking space and any services they offer like mail forwarding.

    Bizee’s Virtual Mailbox service provides you with a professional presence, keeps your home and business address separate and lets you access your mail from anywhere while helping you stay legally compliant.

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