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How to Start an LLC in Denver, Colorado

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Learn How to Form a Denver LLC Yourself

Read our DIY guide to forming a Denver, Colorado, LLC, with information on naming rules, business licenses, Registered Agents, and more.

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Why Start a

Denver LLC?

Small business owners appreciate Denver's relatively low income tax rate, highly educated workforce, manageable regulations, and diverse industries. Add the fact that Denver offers a high standard of living at a lower cost than many other major cities, and you have an entrepreneurial mecca.

As an added bonus, Denver's central location makes it an ideal place to send and receive shipments, especially if you’re thinking retail or logistics as your big idea, as well as to travel for business — the nearby Denver International Airport ranks among the five busiest airports in the world.

Why Start a

Denver LLC?

There are multiple reasons why you might want to choose Denver as your LLC's home:

  • Strong economy: Denver has a thriving economy powered by multiple industries, including technology, aerospace, renewable energy, beverage production, broadcasting, healthcare, aviation, and many more. Paired with its steadily increasing population, that makes Denver's economy one of the fastest-growing in the nation.

  • Educated workforce: Colorado boasts one of the country's most educated workforces, and that's especially true in Denver. There, over 90% of residents have a high school diploma, and more than 45% hold a bachelor's degree or higher.

  • Growing population: As mentioned above, Denver's population is on the rise and has been every year for several decades. That means you'll have an ever-growing supply of potential customers, business partners, and vendors.

  • Business-friendly policies: Low filing fees, easily accessible services, and convenient online services combine to form Denver's attractive array of business-friendly practices.

  • Networking and resources: Because Denver is such a business-friendly city and has a large and growing population, it's also full of resources and networking opportunities you can take advantage of at any time.

How to Form a Denver LLC 
Yourself in 6 Steps

Want to form your Denver LLC yourself?

Here's how you can do so in six steps.

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Step 1: Choose a Unique Business Name and Complete a State Business Search

The first step to getting your LLC off the ground is selecting a unique and legally acceptable name for it to go by. To get your creative juices flowing, try using a tool like our free Business Name Generator.

As you narrow down your choices, remember that your business's name must adhere to Colorado's LLC naming rules.

Once you've landed on a few favorites, conduct a business entity search through the Colorado Secretary of State's website. This search will ensure no other business in the state has already claimed it. (Or, use our Business Name Search tool and we'll perform the search for you.)

We Can Search the Colorado Secretary of State Database for You

Use Bizee's Business Name Search Tool
Business Name Search Tool

Step 2: Provide an Official Business Address (or Get a Virtual Address)

Colorado requires all LLCs to provide a principal office address. That address cannot be a P.O. Box and must be a physical street address. Once your LLC formation paperwork is filed, the address will be listed on public records.

If your business doesn't have a physical address, you might think your only option is to use your personal home address. Fortunately, that's not the case with the help of our Colorado Virtual Address service.

We'll provide you with a real Colorado street address you can legally use to form your business so you can keep your home address private. We'll even scan and upload your mail to our secure online portal so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Step 3: Assign a Registered Agent

All U.S. states require businesses to name a Registered Agent who will receive official and legal mail on the business's behalf. Colorado is no exception, so you'll need to assign a Registered Agent when forming your LLC.

While you can technically be your own Registered Agent, we don’t recommend it. Instead, use a professional and reliable Registered Agent service. By doing so, you'll be able to avoid missing important deadlines and eliminate the risk of crucial mail getting lost in the shuffle.

Step 4: File Your Articles of Organization With the Colorado Secretary of State

Once the fundamental components of your business are nailed down, you'll be ready to file the Articles of Organization with Colorado's Secretary of State.

Your Articles of Organization will contain essential information about your business, including:

  • Business name and principal address
  • Business mailing address (optional)
  • Registered Agent name, address, and statement of consent
  • Name and address of the person forming the company
  • Whether the LLC will be managed by its owners or by managers
  • Statement that there is at least one member of the LLC
  • Any additional information as needed
  • Delayed effective date (optional)
Download Articles of Organization form

You must file your Articles of Organization online, and cannot mail it to the Secretary of State or deliver it in-person.

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Business Formation

What Are the Fees and Requirements to Form a Business in Denver?

State Fee


State Filling Time

3 Weeks

Expedited Filing Time

1 Business Day

Annual Report



Due Date

During the three-month period beginning with the first day of the entity's anniversary month of formation.

Filing Fee


Step 5: Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) From the Internal Revenue Service

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a number given to a business by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It's required if you want to hire employees and pay employment taxes, and you'll also need it to file taxes if you have a multi-member LLC that's taxed as a partnership.

The easiest way to get an EIN is to use an EIN filing service like Bizee's. But if you prefer to go the DIY route, you can get one yourself by applying through the IRS.

Step 6: Create an Operating Agreement

As is the case in most states, Colorado doesn't strictly require businesses to create an operating agreement. But for all businesses (yours included), doing so would be wise.

That's because an operating agreement is a legal document that serves as a set of guidelines for your LLC's operation. For instance, it can describe each owner's role and responsibilities, as well as what to do if certain events occur.

If you're an Bizee client, you can already access our operating agreement template. After filling it out, we recommend having a lawyer read through and approve it before it's signed by you or any of the LLC's other owners.

Get a Custom Operating Agreement Free When You Go With Gold or Platinum Packages From Bizee

Form a Gold or Platinum LLC
Operating Agreement

Other Denver LLC Types

Professional LLC

A professional LLC (PLLC) is one that provides professional services to its clients. For example, a PLLC could be the right entity type for a law firm, real estate business, dentist, or accountant.

Learn more about the differences between a PLLC vs. an LLC and which one is best for you.

Professional LLC

Do you want to do business in Denver but have already started your LLC in another state? You'll have to file a Statement of Foreign Entity Authority with the Colorado Secretary of State. In other words, you'll need to register as a foreign LLC.

Find out more about Colorado foreign LLC registration.

Helpful Resources for Denver, Colorado

Looking for help starting and running your Denver LLC? For general information, turn to the resources provided by Colorado's state government:

Looking for help starting and running your Denver LLC? For general information, turn to the resources provided by Colorado's state government:

Common Questions About Creating an LLC in Denver

Discover answers to the most common questions about starting a Denver LLC:


Does an LLC in Denver, Colorado, Need to Register a Trade Name?

In Denver (and in Colorado in general), an LLC only needs to get a trade name if it intends to do business under a name other than the one it registered with.

For example, if your business's official name is Cherry Creek Plumbing LLC, but you want to do business under the name Cherry Creek Plumbers, then you'll need to get a trade name from the Colorado Secretary of State.


Do You Need to Be a Citizen of America to Open an LLC in Denver, Colorado?

No, you don't need to be a U.S. citizen in order to open an LLC in Denver — or anywhere else in America, for that matter.Learn more about opening a corporation or LLC as a non-U.S. resident.


What Is Involved in Getting an LLC in Denver?

To start a Denver LLC, you'll need to:

  • Establish all the basic elements of your business (i.e., its name, address, Registered Agent contact information, and so on).
  • File your Articles of Organization with the Colorado Secretary of State and pay the required fees.
  • Use Denver's eBiz Tax Center to manage your municipal business taxes.
  • Use the Colorado Department of Revenue's online services to manage your state business taxes.
  • Get licensed with the city of Denver and the state of Colorado, if necessary.

And once your business is up and running, you'll also need to file an annual report on an ongoing basis.

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