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How to Start an LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Learn How to Form a Las Vegas LLC Yourself

Read our DIY guide to form a Las Vegas, Nevada, LLC, with information on Registered Agents, naming rules, business licenses, and more.

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Why Start a Las Vegas LLC?

Las Vegas is a thriving hub for businesses small and large. The city's entrepreneurial ecosystem is a unique blend of innovation, collaboration, and support. And with its low-tax environment, Nevada offers distinct advantages for businesses of all sizes. The state doesn't impose corporate income tax, franchise tax, or personal income tax, making it a prime location to establish your LLC.

Las Vegas also boasts a diverse and growing economy, which provides ample opportunities for networking, partnerships, and customer engagement. And as an added bonus, the local government actively supports small businesses through incentives and resources, fostering a conducive environment for startups to thrive.

Additionally, the city's strategic location and exceptional infrastructure make it a logistical hotspot for businesses seeking accessibility. Case in point: Las Vegas is just a one-hour flight from Los Angeles and a five-hour flight from Denver, and Nevada has some of the best-rated infrastructure in the country.

Benefits of Starting a Las Vegas LLC:

If you start your LLC in Las Vegas, you stand to gain a wide range of benefits that can significantly impact your business's growth and success. These perks include:

  • Tax advantages:

    As we mentioned earlier, Nevada's (and, therefore, Las Vegas's) tax structure is highly advantageous for businesses. Specifically, the city's complete absence of corporate and personal income taxes can lead to substantial savings, and it allows for increased opportunities to reinvest in your company's growth. Note that Nevada does have a Commerce Tax, but it only applies to businesses with more than $4 million in annual revenue.

  • Minimal red tape:

    Not a fan of paperwork? Las Vegas might be the city for you. Thanks to Nevada's low-regulation environment and efficient licensing and approval process, you'll only need to deal with a marginal amount of red tape.

  • Close proximity to major ports:

    If you plan on exporting or importing goods for your business, you'll love how close Vegas is to multiple U.S. shipping ports.

  • Affordable commercial real estate:

    The office and retail space you'll find in Las Vegas will, on average, be significantly cheaper than comparable property in other major cities (including nearby Los Angeles).

  • Flourishing tourism industry:

    Tens of millions of visitors flock to Las Vegas each year. And with Las Vegas being known as a hub of entertainment, gambling, and fine dining, you can be sure those tourists are ready to open their checkbooks.

How to Form a Las Vegas LLC Yourself in 6 Steps

If you're ready to launch your Las Vegas business, know that you can form an LLC yourself in six steps:

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Step 1: Choose a Unique Business Name and Complete a State Business Search

Choosing the right business name is one of the most important things you can do to create a standout brand and set your company apart from the rest.

Try using our free Business Name Generator to get the ball rolling. Just enter one or more relevant keywords, and the tool will give you dozens of fresh ideas.

As you narrow down your choices, try to prioritize name ideas that are unique, easy to pronounce, simple to spell, and memorable. And once you've settled on a few favorites, use our Business Name Search Tool to find out if any have already been claimed by another business in Nevada. You can also do a name search on Nevada SilverFlume, the state's online business portal.

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Step 2: Provide an Official Business Address (or Get a Virtual Address)

A physical business address is critical for receiving legal and official mail regarding your business. That's why most states, including Nevada, don't allow businesses to use a P.O. box for their primary address or for their Registered Agent's address (more on Registered Agents below).

But what if your business doesn't have a physical address, and you don't want to use your home address for business purposes? If that's the case, the easiest and most affordable solution is to get a virtual address through our Virtual Mailbox service.

If you do, you'll get a real Las Vegas street address you can use to form your business in Nevada. And since we'll scan and upload your mail to our secure online portal, you'll be able to read your mail from just about anywhere.

Step 3: Assign a Registered Agent

A Registered Agent serves as the point of contact between your LLC and the state. They receive legal documents and official notices on your behalf, ensuring you don't miss any crucial notifications or due dates.

Given the important responsibility, it's vital that your Registered Agent be on the ball at all times. For that reason, we strongly recommend you avoid appointing yourself or a business partner as your Registered Agent and instead use a professional Registered Agent service.

With such a service, you can rest easy knowing you'll never miss an important piece of mail or forget about an upcoming due date.

Step 4: File Your Articles of Organization With the Nevada Secretary of State

With a business name, physical (or virtual) address, and Registered Agent in your arsenal, you'll be ready to take the exciting step of officially forming your LLC with the state of Nevada.

To do so, you'll need to prepare and file a form called the Articles of Organization with the Nevada Secretary of State.

In your Articles of Organization, you'll need to include fundamental details about your business.

These details will typically include:

  • Company name and address
  • Registered Agent name and address
  • Who will manage the company (members or managers)
  • Name and address of each manager or managing member
  • Date on which the business will dissolve (optional)
  • Profession to be practiced, if applicable
  • Whether the business will be a Restricted or Series LLC (optional)
  • Name, address, and signature of the person submitting the Articles of Organization

Once completed, you can Once you've completed your form, you can file it online through SilverFlume, Nevada's business portal.

Or, you can file by mail by sending your completed Articles of Organization to:

File by Mail

Secretary of State

New Filings Division

202 North Carson Street

Carson City, NV 89701

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Business Formation
What Are the Fees and Requirements to Form a Business in Las Vegas?

State Fee


State Filling Time

3 Weeks

Expedited Filing Time

2 Business Days

*includes Annual Report and Business License fees

Annual Report and Business License



Due Date

Due by the last day of the anniversary month of filing.

Filing Fee



The Initial Annual Report and Business Licence are filed with the articles of organization. As such, the $350 fee is added to the $75 filing fee and used to satisfy payment for both the Initial Annual Report and Business License.


You will be responsible for filing Annual Report and Business License in subsequent years.

Step 5: Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) From the Internal Revenue Service

An Employer Identification Number (EIN), also referred to as a Federal Tax Identification Number, is a number assigned to businesses by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

If you have a multi-member LLC that's taxed as a partnership, or if you plan on hiring employees, then you'll need to get an EIN of your own.

You can get one yourself by applying through the IRS. Or if you'd like us to take care of the paperwork for you, use our convenient EIN service.

Step 6: Create an Operating Agreement

Not all states require LLCs to have an operating agreement, including Nevada. Nonetheless, we recommend that all business owners create an operating agreement for their company.

An operating agreement is a legal document that outlines the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in running the business, and it also provides a roadmaps for future scenarios.

If you're a Bizee customer, you already have access to our operating agreement template. After it's been filled out, be sure to have your operating agreement checked by a lawyer before signing.

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Operating Agreement
Other Las Vegas LLC Types

In Las Vegas, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to start several distinct types of LLCs. These include:

Series LLC

A series LLC makes it possible to form multiple secondary LLCs under the umbrella of one primary LLC.

Restricted LLC

Available only in Nevada, a restricted LLC is one used solely for the purpose of transferring assets. As such, a restricted LLC is exempt from taxes for one decade after formation.

Professional LLC

As its name implies, a professional LLC is a company that provides professional services under a license. For example, if your business will provide accounting, legal, medical, or veterinary services, you'll need to form a professional LLC.

Learn more about PLLC vs. LLC and which one is right for your business.

Foreign LLC

If you've already created your LLC in another state but wish to operate in Nevada, you'll be required to register as a foreign LLC.

Learn more about Nevada Foreign LLC registration.

Helpful Resources for Las Vegas, Nevada

Both Las Vegas and the state of Nevada are full of resources for new business owners.

For general information, take a look at:

If you're looking for resources specifically geared toward Las Vegas businesses, see:

Common Questions About Creating an LLC in Las Vegas

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How Much Is an LLC in Las Vegas?

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How Fast Can I Get an LLC in Nevada?

The Nevada Secretary of State offers expedited services. So, for a substantial fee, you can get your Articles of Organization processed in as little as one hour. Or, for a smaller fee, you can request to have it processed in 24 hours.

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