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Service Agreement Template

A service agreement is a legal contract between parties to ensure terms and conditions are understood and agreed to.



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Vague contracts and misunderstandings often lead business owners into sticky territory. No one wants a complaint or a lawsuit threat from a disgruntled client — especially when the problem could have been avoided if both parties had a clear agreement.

There's one go-to contract that can help: a professional service agreement. A service agreement contract (also known as a service agreement letter) is a legal contract between two parties meant to ensure that everyone understands and agrees to the same terms and conditions. As a small business owner, this will likely be a contract between your business and the clients you serve. By using this downloadable service agreement template, you're taking the first step toward doing business with confidence and clarity for you and your clients.

Do You Need a Service Agreement?

In short: If your business offers a service, you'll want a standard service agreement. You should use a service contract for short- or long-term transaction-based relationships. Whether you're providing a service or receiving one from your clients, you should both sign the contract. This will help both of you get your desired service and payment.

Using this document ensures you stick to the terms and conditions of the business relationship while also streamlining contract management for your business. If your business works with many people often, you would need a service agreement template that you can tweak to match each business relationship and goal.

Why Is a Service Agreement Template Useful?

Client relations is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Managing your relationship with the people you serve or partner with is essential for client satisfaction and business growth. Take charge of your business relations with this service agreement template.

Your business with your clients is more likely to yield your desired results when there is an agreement binding both parties. A service agreement clearly states what both parties need from each other and how and when to deliver the services. It outlines any mutual obligations and provides enforceable guidelines. Using our template can help save time and money when compared to costly fees or issues that arise from disagreements. Having one on hand also helps streamline your business workflow and avoid loss of business due to costly delays.

What Should Be Included in a Service Agreement?

Every situation or relationship that warrants a service agreement is unique, but you shouldn't have to go back to the drawing board each time. By starting with a template, you can ensure that you have proper guidelines and all of the nuts and bolts covered. Our template and service agreement sample contains every detail you need to enjoy smooth business partnerships with your clients. Then you can tailor it to your unique needs.

Here's a glance at some of the key elements that a service agreement includes:

  • Both parties' contact information
  • Scope of services
  • Compensation terms
  • Termination terms
  • Warranties
  • Dispute resolutions and solutions
  • Insurance and compliance terms
  • Indemnification terms
  • Default terms

Sometimes a service agreement also includes clauses, such as:

  • Non-compete clause
  • Confidentiality clause
  • Non-solicitation clause

Simple Steps to Create a Service Agreement Contract


Download Bizee's service agreement template.


Tweak and customize to your business needs.


Print it out and fill out your part of the document.


Show to your client, review and be sure you're both good with the terms.


Both parties should sign the paper.


Make copies for each party for future reference.

Enjoy Successful Business Partnerships

Engage in more productive businesses with a clear service agreement. With this contract, you can sort out important formalities needed for your relationships to run smoothly. Read through it, edit, customize and perfect it to your taste and business purpose.

Bizee’s certified attorneys are available to help you customize it to your needs and legal standards. Be sure to explore more of Bizee's business contracts and resources to grow and refine your business.

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