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South Dakota Virtual Office Address

If you want to do business in South Dakota, it makes sense to have a real South Dakota street address. We’re delighted to provide a complete Virtual Mailbox and scanning service for all your South Dakota-addressed business correspondence.

Virtual Address phone app

Advantages of a South Dakota Street Address and Virtual Mailbox

Instant Notifications

Receiving correspondence from the South Dakota Secretary of State and the South Dakota Department of Revenue

Business Credibility

Building credibility with suppliers who want to do business with South-Dakota-based businesses

(In)Direct Presence

Getting a presence in South Dakota, even if you’re not there physically

Online Mailbox

Reading the correspondence to your SD address wherever you are in the world, via our mail scanning service and secure web portal

Upgraded Privacy

Keeping your personal address confidential

South Dakota Virtual Mailbox FAQs


Can I Use a Virtual Address in South Dakota as My Registered Agent Address?

No, since your South Dakota Registered Agent will need a real SD street address to receive official, legal correspondence. If you need a Registered Agent in your area, Bizee provides a Registered Agent service in South Dakota


In What States Does Bizee Offer Virtual Mailboxes?

We provide Virtual Mailbox services in all states but Oregon and Arkansas.


What Are the Limitations of a Virtual Mailbox Service?

Yes, limitations include the fact that business owners cannot pick up mail at the given address. In addition, Virtual Mailboxes cannot receive any type of package.