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How to Open a Beauty Salon in 8 Steps

Want to take your entrepreneurial journey in a beautiful direction? Start your own beauty salon business in just eight straightforward steps.

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Starting a Beauty Salon Business

    Common Questions About Starting a Beauty Salon

    Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about opening a beauty salon.


    Is Opening a Salon Profitable?

    Yes, beauty salons are profitable businesses. The average salon makes $19,000 in profit each year, and salons' average profit margin is 8.2 percent.


    What Are The Ongoing Expenses For a Beauty Salon?

    When running a beauty salon, you'll likely encounter certain types of expenses on a regular basis. These might include:

    • Rent (or commercial mortgage payments).
    • License and permit renewal fees.
    • Credit card processing fees.
    • Insurance premiums.
    • Loan repayments.
    • Product costs.

    Less frequently, you might also have to upgrade your salon's equipment and decor.


    How Much Money Do You Make From Owning a Salon?

    For hair salons, the average annual revenue is $245,000.

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