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Wisconsin Registered Agent for Your LLC

Every business entity formed in Wisconsin is required to appoint a person or business to act as a Registered Agent.

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What is a Registered Agent?

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Your Wisconsin Registered Agent provides various services, such as accepting formal documents and correspondence from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (WI DFI).

Your LLC must have a Registered Agent at all times. You must appoint one when you first start your business. You can also replace your existing Wisconsin Registered Agent at a later date, provided there is no gap in service between the old and new agents.

Wisconsin Registered Agent Requirements

  • The registered office must be located at a street address (a P.O. Box alone isn’t acceptable) within the State of Wisconsin.
  • The Registered Agent can be either a natural person or a domestic or foreign (licensed to transact business in the state) artificial legal entity (Corporation, LLC, LP or LLP).
  • Every domestic and foreign LLC must, at all times, maintain a Registered Agent with a registered office within the State of Wisconsin.
  • The Registered Agent must be available in person during normal business hours to sign for any correspondence.
  • If the Registered Agent is a person, they must reside in Wisconsin.
  • If the Registered Agent is a company, they must be able to conduct business in Wisconsin.

Note that the address for your agent does not need to be the same as your Wisconsin LLC business address.

What a Wisconsin Registered Agent Does

A Registered Agent’s primary function is to accept official correspondence and documentation.

This includes:

  • Tax forms and requests to complete permits, company filings and report
  • State and federal government correspondence and notifications
  • Communication from the WI DFI
  • Service of process notices (e.g., if your LLC is sued or required to appear in court)

Get Free Wisconsin Registered Agent Service for the First Year

Bizee provides complete Wisconsin Registered Agent service for any LLC that’s formed in the state. Better yet, if you form your LLC through Bizee, your Registered Agent is completely free for the first year and only $119 a year after that.

Bizee is authorized to conduct business in Wisconsin and can legally act as your Registered Agent. Here’s what our Registered Agent service provides:

A Wisconsin Registered Agent who is always available and who can receive correspondence, documents and legal proceedings on your LLC’s behalf

An online dashboard where you can store, access and retrieve any information we’ve received for your business

An email notification whenever we receive documents for your business

Automatic forwarding of all legal correspondence, documentation and information directly to you

Appointing a Registered Agent Service for Your LLC

Upon forming your LLC, you must appoint a Registered Agent. You can change it at any point after that. Here’s how.

Assign a Registered Agent When You Form Your LLC

Your business needs to have a Registered Agent as soon as it’s formed. You can do this two ways:


File Articles of Organization With the WI DFI

You’ll need to include details of your Registered Agent in your Articles of Organization.


Form Your LLC with Bizee and Get a Free Registered Agent

When you form your business through us, we’ll provide a free year of our Registered Agent service and we’ll use the information you give us to complete and file your Articles of Organization for you.

Assign a Different Registered Agent After Formation

You can update your Wisconsin Registered Agent after you’ve formed your LLC. There are a couple of ways to achieve this.


Choose a New Registered Agent Service and File a Form with the WI DFI

Once you’ve chosen a new Registered Agent, you can complete the Registered Agent or Registered Office Change form. Once you’ve completed it, send it to the WI DFI so they can update your records. There is a $10 fee to change the Registered Agent’s office, but no fee to change the Registered Agent.


Sign Up for Bizee’s Registered Agent Service and We’ll File the Change on Your Behalf

When you use our Registered Agent service, we’ll take care of all the form filling and filing for you. We collect important information about your business, complete the form on your behalf and then send it to the WI DFI. We’ll notify you once we officially become your Registered Agent.

Wisconsin Registered Agent Search

In some situations, it may be helpful to learn the name of the Registered Agent that represents another LLC in Wisconsin. This information is available in the state's business database.

If the Registered Agent isn’t available there, you can request it from the WI DFI.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Registered Agent?

If you choose not to assign or provide details of a Registered Agent to the WI DFI, you may be subject to several possible ramifications, including:

  • Losing your status as an LLC in Wisconsin. A Registered Agent shows the state that your business exists. Without it, you could lose your business entity protections, and your LLC may be dissolved.
  • Getting served or sued and not finding out about it. If your LLC is sued and you don’t know about it, you could lose to a default judgment if you don’t respond.
  • Falling out of good standing with the WI DFI. If you don’t respond to certain correspondence (such as the request for your annual report), the state may revoke your right to do business.

Acting as Your Own Registered Agent

If you have an address in Wisconsin, you can be the Registered Agent for your LLC. We don’t recommend doing this because you may encounter some complications:

  • The Registered Agent must have a physical street address in Wisconsin. If you’re forming an LLC outside the state, you’ll need to use an in-state Registered Agent.
  • You must always have someone on hand during business hours at the Wisconsin address to sign for important documents.
  • The Registered Agent’s name and address are part of the public record and available through the WI DFI website. If you prefer your name and address aren’t published, using a Registered Agent service can protect your personal information.
  • If you change your business address or move out of state, you need to file additional documentation with the WI DFI for the new address. This won't be necessary if you use a Registered Agent service, making a move or address change much simpler.

Other Useful Resources

FAQs About Wisconsin Registered Agents


Do I Need to Appoint a Wisconsin Registered Agent?

Yes. All business entities in the state are required to have a Registered Agent. This is mandated by the WI DFI. You'll find more information above.


When Should I Assign a Wisconsin Registered Agent?

You must assign a Registered Agent when you form your business with the WI DFI. You can change your agent afterward by filing the correct form. If you form your business through Bizee, we’ll file all the necessary forms on your behalf. You'll find more information above.


Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in Wisconsin?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it for the reasons detailed above.


Does the Registered Agent for My Wisconsin-Based LLC Need to Have an Address in Wisconsin?

Yes. And if you use a company as your Registered Agent, that company must be legally able to conduct business in the state. You'll find more information above.

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