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4 Benefits of a Business Bank Account For Your Small Business

4 Benefits of a Business Bank 
Account For Your Small Business

Please note: This post contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.



    Too many fiscal responsibilities? Worried about cash flow? If that sounds like you, you're certainly not alone. But opening a business bank account is one simple, headache-free way to combat these stressors and lessen your load.

    Here, we'll look at the benefits of opening a dedicated business bank account and give you the opportunity to do so with the help of Bizee and our banking partner.

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    1. Personal Liability Protection

    The number one most important reason to start a small business bank account is for personal liability protection — by separating your personal and business finances.

    Not only does this make it easier to track expenses, file taxes and manage cash flow, but it also helps you define your business as a separate entity. This, combined with forming a legal business entity, offers powerful protection to your personal assets in the case of legal action against your business.

    Separating your business vs. personal finances might involve getting a small business checking account, savings account, and business credit card. These should be solely for business use and never for personal transactions. This separation makes managing your finances easier.

    2. Better Bookkeeping and Accounting

    Another benefit to opening a business bank account is a more streamlined bookkeeping and accounting process.

    Managing your business's income and expenses is time-consuming and — when you don't have a clear delineation between your business and personal finances — often stressful. When you have a small business checking account that stores only your business transactions, then you have all of your business income and deductions in one place. This makes managing your bookkeeping and filing your taxes streamlined, clean, and simple.

    If you have employees, it will also help with payroll management and ensure your books are balanced, without any end-of-the-month (or year) surprises.

    3. Ease of Use

    When you're a busy business owner, eliminating hassle is a must. And if you have a dedicated business bank account, you'll be in a position to navigate your finances without jumping through hoops or putting your personal privacy in jeopardy.

    With a business account, you can accept customer payments in multiple ways (credit cards, checks, or ACH transfers) and have the money deposited directly for immediate access.

    Another benefit of using a business bank account vs. a personal one is that you get online and mobile access to your business's financial information. Small business owners are often on the go, and having access to the financial numbers you need from anywhere could simplify your life and make accomplishing tasks easier.

    4. A Bright Financial Future

    Combined, these three top benefits have one proven result: a better handle on your business's financial future.

    The more information you have, the easier it is to plan and project your financial needs months or even years down the road. With better planning, you can start to create a rainy day fund or savings to reinvest in your business.

    It will also make it easy for your to apply for funding or a loan. Many lenders won’t work with businesses that don’t have a separate small business bank account or who co-mingle personal and business finances.

    Bizee and Bank of America: Better Business Banking

    All of this sounds great, but where do you begin? With Bizee, of course. Our partnership with Bank of America makes starting a business and running it to its full potential easier than ever. Now, when you work with Bizee to start your business, you get direct access to Bank of America’s small business bank accounts.

    Already formed your business with Bizee? You're eligible for an exclusive deal through our Bank of America partnership. With this deal, you can earn:

    • $100 just for opening your Business Advantage Bank Account, or
    • $200 for opening with a higher deposit and maintaining the balance for 90 days, plus
    • $300 for applying and being approved for a Bank of America small business credit card

    Up to $500 when you meet eligibility requirements, minimum balances and net new purchases!

    What if you're a Bank of America customer, or are about to be, but haven't yet launched your small business? You're in luck. Bank of America is helping turn small business dreams into big realities. Check out their exclusive deal for new business owners, which includes:

    • Discounts on business formation packages from Bizee, from $70-$150 off
    • Free EIN filing with your business formation
    • Access to the rewards listed above when you open an eligible new business bank account

    Best of all, our partnership is powering a streamlined, easy-to-use process that allows you to apply and open your business bank account right from your Bizee customer dashboard, anytime you choose.

    Take the hassle and stress out of managing your business's finances and put yourself on a path to a bright business future with help from Bizee and Bank of America.

    Please note: This post contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

    Get Up to a $500 Bonus When You Set Up a New Small Business Account with Bank of America.

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