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How to File and Register a Trademark for Small Businesses

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You've invested a lot in getting your business off the ground by coming up with a unique business name or tagline. But did you know that it's equally important to protect these key features of your business?

One of the common ways to protect your brand and stand apart from the competition is to get a trademark. A trademark gives you exclusive rights to your business name, logo or tagline — it also stops anyone else from getting "inspired" and using something similar.

Getting a trademark can be a tricky business. Our guide offers key insights that'll help you understand how to search and file for a trademark for your business.

Worried About the Costs of Trademark Registrations?

Imagine the Cost of Not Doing it!

Protect Your Business Now

Swara Ahluwalia

Swara Ahluwalia

Swara Ahluwalia is a freelance content writer with experience in the technical, B2B and SaaS domain. She also has curated content for various lifestyle brands. In her downtime, you will most likely find Swara training for her next marathon or spending time with her two daughters.


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