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Behind the Scenes with Bizee: Obtaining an EIN

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    If you are starting a business or dealing with some changes to an existing company that affects your tax filing status, you need to know how to obtain an EIN.

    An EIN is an “Employer ID Number” that's the federal tax identification number for your business — similar to a Social Security number, but for a company. One of the services that Bizee provides to our customers is helping them get EIN numbers quickly and efficiently. There are a few options to obtain EINs for small businesses, and working with Bizee’s paid service to obtain an EIN can potentially help you get your EIN within 1 business day.

    Here is some more information about how Bizee works behind the scenes to help you obtain an EIN for your business.

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    What Is an EIN?

    An EIN is an Employer ID Number. It is a unique number assigned to a company that serves as an identifier of the business for tax purposes. The EIN works similarly to a Social Security Number, but for businesses instead of for individual people.

    Why Do You Need an EIN?

    You need an EIN in order to open a business bank account, get a business credit card (or business line of credit), and file a corporate tax return. Having an EIN helps your business become “official” as a legitimate corporate entity that is separate from your personal finances.

    Your Employer ID Number is necessary for various circumstances of doing business, such as:

    • Hiring employees
    • Withholding payroll taxes for employees
    • Buying inventory for resale
    • Operating as a corporation or partnership
    • ...and many other fundamental situations where you need to identify your business for tax purposes

    Having an EIN is one of the most important first steps to take when forming an LLC or other corporate entity. But even if you've already incorporated your business and gotten your EIN, there are some other situations where you might need to get a new EIN:

    • If your business is purchased by a different individual who creates a new sole proprietorship
    • If your business structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, or partnership) changes from one structure to another
    • If a company owner dies and the owner’s estate takes over the business.

    How Does Bizee Help Get EIN Numbers?

    Bizee offers a special service to obtain EINs for business owners. This EIN service is included for free as part of our Gold and Platinum business formation packages; if you go with one of these packages to have Bizee help you start your business, you can get your EIN at no extra charge.

    If you need your EIN as a standalone service, you can have Bizee obtain your EIN for just $70.

    Can Business Owners Obtain EINs by Themselves, Without Paying for Bizee’s Help?

    Yes. Business owners are not required to hire a service to get EINs. It is possible to file the necessary forms by yourself. However, Bizee offers our EIN service as a value-added bonus on our Gold and Platinum packages, and our EIN obtainment service is helpful if you want to save time and make sure your business gets your EIN as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    How Does Bizee Work Behind the Scenes to Obtain EINs?

    Bizee gives business owners a simple online form to compile the necessary details about their business, which will include the following:

    • Name and Social Security number of the principal owner
    • Number of owners of the business
    • Number of wage-withholding employees of the business
    • Principal activities of the business
    • ...and more

    Bizee then submits this information to the IRS and ensures that the relevant information is submitted in compliance with IRS requirements. This service provides an extra set of eyes to review the business details and correct mistakes if needed.

    Working with Bizee’s EIN service can get you your number within 1 business day if you provide your Social Security number.

    What Special Situations Make It More Complex to Obtain EINs?

    If you are not a U.S. citizen, it might be more complicated for you to get an EIN for your business. There are special procedures for business owners who are non-U.S. citizens or foreign residents. You might not be able to apply for your EIN online; you might have to apply by phone (during designated hours) or by mail (which can take several weeks). You also might want to set up a Third Party Designee who is authorized to deal with the IRS on your behalf – this can be done as part of filling out your IRS Form SS-4.

    Ultimately, getting your EIN is just like the other aspects of forming an LLC or starting a business with Bizee: It often helps to have a trusted, experienced professional service provider that can help you navigate the process and file your forms correctly and on time. Especially if you need an EIN on short notice, it might be worth paying for the added convenience and peace of mind that comes from getting your EIN forms completed and receiving your new tax ID as quickly as possible.

    Please note: This post contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

    Obtain Your Business EIN, Hassle Free.

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    Ben Gran

    Ben Gran

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