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Can Bizee File My Taxes for Me? All About Our Business Tax Service

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    Small business owners have an endless to-do list, and one task that keeps cropping up is staying on top of your business taxes. Whether it’s calculating how much you and your business owe, gathering financial information, filling out all the correct forms, or filing with the IRS and your state, it’s a lot to keep track of.

    We understand this places a big burden on small business owners, which is why we’re delighted to help. Bizee's Business Accounting Service provides a complete, competitively priced option for managing and filing federal, self-employment, and state taxes. All of your returns will be prepared and completed by a professional business tax accountant and sent to the IRS and your state’s department of revenue.

    Let’s cover how our tax services can help you.

    Ongoing Professional Bookkeeping and Transactions

    Bizee's tax service provides you with much more than just your returns. Our professional bookkeepers will review all of your business transactions and categorize them so you can take advantage of all allowable deductions. We assign a bookkeeper to every account, and you can contact them at any time to discuss transactions and get advice. That means you get accounting support throughout the year, not just at tax time.

    LLC Business Tax Preparation and Returns

    If you’re an LLC and you haven’t chosen to pay taxes as an S Corporation, then you will record, file, and pay taxes on your individual 1040 tax return. Business earnings are typically shown on “Schedule C” of the individual return. You will also need to report and file Schedule SE for your self-employment tax, and possibly other schedules as well.

    If your LLC has two or more owners, it’s likely you will also need to file a 1065 Partnership tax return. Our business tax accountants can help you pull together all the financial information you need to prepare the 1065, 1040, and any other business or personal tax returns you need to file with the IRS and your state.

    S Corporation Business Tax Preparation and Returns

    If you’re an S Corporation or an LLC that’s filed a Form 2553 to be treated as an S Corporation for tax purposes, there are some additional requirements for your business taxes. An S Corporation can save you money, but it does make your taxes a little more complex. Our accountants can help you prepare and file a Form 1120S, which is an S Corporation tax return. They will file this with the IRS on your behalf and can also file the relevant form with your state.

    C Corporation Business Tax Preparation and Returns

    LLCs and S Corporations are “pass-through” entities for tax purposes, so you file and pay taxes on your 1040. That’s not the case for corporation tax charged to a C Corporation. A C Corporation will file a Form 1120 and pay corporation tax accordingly. Earnings and dividends from the C Corporation are then reported on your 1040, and you’ll be liable for personal income tax on that amount. Our business tax accountants will help you gather the relevant information and prepare and file the necessary forms on your behalf.

    Individual Tax Preparation and Returns

    In addition to preparing and filing your business tax returns, we can also help out with your individual tax return. We can record your business income and also take account of any other earnings and expenses to ensure you’re filing accurately.

    State Tax Preparation and Returns

    Most states will require you to pay state income tax to their departments of revenue. We’ll prepare the relevant state returns as standard and file them when we file your federal returns.

    The Types of Taxes Our Accountants Can Help With

    Every business tax situation is unique, but our experienced accountants and bookkeepers will use their expertise to ensure you’re reporting, filing, and paying the following taxes properly:

    • Employer and/or employee self-employment or payroll tax
    • Federal income tax
    • State income tax
    • Corporation tax

    Bizee's accountants can help you save on taxes by advising you on complicated expenses and deductions, teaching you about relevant tax credits, and finding ways to lower your tax burden.

    There are Some Things You Don’t DIY.

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