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How to Optimize Tax Preparation Using a Business Tax Calculator

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Online business tax calculators are a great starting point for understanding how much tax you’ll need to pay. You have some good options for the best tax calculators to use.

We’ve broken down how each small business tax calculator can help you in our infographic below. These calculators can assist you with working out both your end-of-year taxes and your quarterly, estimated taxes. Remember, though, that online tax calculators are just a starting point. Although they provide helpful guidance, every business has some unique circumstances that will affect the tax it pays. 

We recommend using a professional business tax service, such as Bizee, that can take into account all of your revenue, expenses, profits, deductions and more. If you use our Accounting and Bookkeeping service, you can file and pay with confidence.

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Paul Maplesden

Paul Maplesden

Paul is a freelance writer, small business owner, and British expat exploring the U.S. When he’s not politely apologizing, he enjoys hats, hockey, Earl Grey Tea, mountains, and dogs.


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