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How to Starta Woman-Owned Business

More women are opening small businesses than ever before — here's how you can start a woman-owned business of your own.

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Common Questions About Starting a Woman-Owned Business


How Do I Become a Female Business Owner?

But if you plan on sharing ownership with one or more partners, just keep in mind that the business must remain at least 51 percent woman-owned and operated in order to qualify for certain types of funding from the SBA.


Are There Tax Benefits to Being a Woman-Owned Business?

For investors looking to provide capital to woman-owned businesses, there are indeed tax credits available,

So while there are no direct tax benefits to being a woman-owned business, there are incentives that may make it easier to find funding.


What Is a Woman-Owned Business Called?

It might come as no surprise to know that a woman-owned business is called just that — a woman-owned business. And if it qualifies, it may also be classified as a women-owned small business (WOSB) in the eyes of the SBA.

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