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Can I Use a Virtual Address for My Florida LLC? (Plus How to Get One)

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    Whether you’re running a business from your Florida home or plan to start a company without setting up a brick-and-mortar location, consider the protection of a virtual business address. A virtual business address for a Florida LLC will protect your privacy, allow you to work from anywhere, create a professional look for your company, and save you from one of the largest business expenses — rent.

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    Does a Florida LLC Need a Physical Address?

    To form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida, you’ll need to list a physical address on your incorporation paperwork for the Florida Secretary of State. You’ll also need to provide your business address in other business-related filings, such as an Employer Identification Number (EIN) application, your annual report, tax filings, and any required business licenses.

    Many home-based businesses and online entrepreneurs use their home addresses as their principal addresses. However, Florida has a “Sunshine” law, which is an open records law that requires all of your LLC information, including address and phone number, to be accessible and open to the public. Anyone conducting a search can see your personal information, which opens up your business to a potential avalanche of unwanted solicitations, junk mail, or, worse yet, the malicious use of your information from online phishers and identity thieves. To avoid this, many small business owners in Florida choose to establish a virtual address for their Florida LLC.

    Why Choose a Virtual Business Address in Florida?

    Having a virtual address offers a layer of protection that cannot be attained by having your business information open to the public. In addition to keeping your home address private, a virtual address also does the following:

    • Helps protect those living in the same home and using the same address
    • Steers clear of the risk of unexpected visitors, such as a dissatisfied customer knocking on your door at any hour of the day
    • Avoids sharing an address that’s located in a suburb or far away from a city or business center, which could project an unprofessional image
    • Adds legitimacy with a local address, giving it a professional appearance without the added expense

    Benefits of Florida Virtual Address and Mailbox

    Here are some additional advantages of using a virtual address for your Florida LLC:

    1. Fulfill the State’s Requirement for a Physical Address

    Even though you don’t have to be at the physical location of your virtual address, it still counts as a real address that receives mail. The difference is that you can access this mail without being present to receive it or pick it up.

    2. Save Time

    All your mail will now be stored in one location where it can be organized and reviewed at your convenience, and junk mail is weeded out. This gives you more time to focus on more pressing matters related to your business.

    How a Virtual Address Benefits Your LLC

    3. Protect From Theft

    With a virtual address, your mail will be scanned and kept safe and confidential in a secure web portal, protecting it from loss or theft. You will receive immediate notification once mail is available for review on your own personalized dashboard.

    4. Access Your Mail Anywhere, Anytime

    You don’t need to be tied down to a physical location or even be in the state of Florida to access your mail. Whether you are traveling, on vacation, or working off-site, you can read and manage your mail from anywhere. This option is especially ideal for digital nomads and entrepreneurs working remotely.

    5. Cut Down on Paper Clutter

    By digitizing your mail and having it sent and saved in one convenient location, you avoid unwanted paper piles where important mail can get lost in the clutter.

    6. Handle Any Volume of Mail

    Whether it’s a few dozen or a few hundred pieces of mail a week, a virtual mailbox will scan all the correspondence you receive, allowing you to organize and prioritize documents as you see fit.

    7. Get an Affordable Business Address

    Your virtual business address will give you all the perks of having a “physical” location without all the headaches and expenses of managing and maintaining a brick-and-mortar store or office.

    8. Add Credibility to Your Business

    A virtual business address ensures your business is seen as a legitimate operation, allowing you to build on your professional business profile and reputation.

    How to Set Up a Virtual Business Address in Florida

    Step 1: Get a Virtual Mailing Address Service

    Bizee offers a low, fixed price of $29 a month regardless of how much mail is received for your business and scanned onto your digital dashboard.

    Step 2: Set Up Your Florida Business Entity (If You Haven’t Already)

    Register for an official business entity by completing your registration form. You'll provide basic information, including your name, email address, phone number, and billing method.

    You can submit your completed application to the Florida Secretary of State. Make sure to double-check all the information on the application for accuracy and pay your application fee.

    Step 3: Decide Whether This Will Be Your Primary Business Address

    To complete the filing process with the state, you’ll need to list your primary business address. Consider using your new virtual address as your primary business address and take advantage of all of the benefits it offers.

    Step 4: Separate Your Registered Agent Address From Your Virtual Address

    In addition to listing a primary physical address, you'll also need to choose a Registered Agent address for your business. Unfortunately, you cannot use your virtual address for your agent's address. If you use a Registered Agent service, a registered agent address will be provided to you.

    Step 5: Voilà! Start Using Your New Address

    Once your business state filing is officially approved, you're ready to use your new virtual address for your Florida LLC.

    Florida Virtual Address Questions Answered

    Can I Use a P.O. Box as My Business Address in Florida?

    No, you cannot use a P.O. Box as your Florida business address. Under Florida’s requirements for an LLC, your business address must be a physical street address. Since P.O. Boxes do not have a street address, they are not permitted to be listed or used as the primary address for a business. However, store, office, and home addresses are permitted.

    Can I Use a Virtual Address for My DBA?

    Yes — in Florida, you can use a virtual address for your DBA. If you already have a registered business and want to expand part of your business by getting a DBA, you will need to use the registered business address used in your state filing, whether it's a virtual address or a home address.

    How Do I Change My Florida Virtual Address?

    Whether virtual or physical, your principal business address must be amended on your state filing through the Florida Secretary of State website. This can be accomplished when you file your annual report or by filing amended Articles of Organization. Failure to update your address will result in the dissolution of the business.

    Easy Access to Your Virtual Address and Office Anywhere, Anytime

    Whether you’re a digital nomad constantly on the road or an online entrepreneur working out of your home, a virtual address for Florida LLC could be the right solution for your business.

    For a monthly fee of $29, Bizee’s Virtual Address service will give your business a professional image by ensuring your personal privacy, keeping your correspondence secure, cutting down on mountains of paper by digitizing all your business mail, and giving you viewing access through an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

    Protect Your Privacy and Check Mail From Anywhere in the World.

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