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When Should I Apply for an EIN Number? Can I Apply at Any Time of the Year?

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The best time to apply for EIN number is when you form your business entity, though you can obtain an EIN even before officially starting your business.

The decision on when you should apply for an EIN will fall on you and your needs, but it’s important to understand how the process will work and when you should apply for an EIN.

When to Apply for an EIN_ The Ins and Outs

Getting your EIN is a big deal. This is especially true if you are growing your business and have decided to incorporate. So if you fall in this particular category, then congratulations! Your business is “official” in the eyes of the IRS and you are now able to engage in activities that may have been closed to you as a sole proprietor. Having an EIN also adds credibility to your business when it comes to applying for credit and loans, working with vendors and engaging partners. 

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